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    Hello, seeking assistance on the theme slider settings.!/design_setting

    I’m following the below documentation instructions for slider setup and I am not locating an area where to upload images, assign pages/posts, and create captions and links for slider image. I do not have any fields to enter slider information and upload. Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m not locating anywhere within my theme installation. If it’s any assistance the web address is

    Thank you.

    Click on FrontPage setting > Slider Settings in customizer.
    Check on Slider section option to disabled homepage slider section.
    Add text on image caption,Image Description,Button Text field for slider title, slider description and slider button
    Add URL of the page in which you want to redirect on Button url
    Click on select image to choose the slider image (Recommended size: 1920 * 1000)



    Please disregard. It just registered to me that I need to assign slider images to a blog category.


    Mystery Themes

    Hi @aragas

    Great to hear that the problem was solved.

    Thanks 🙂 !


    Xin Ye

    Hi, I met the theme slider settings problem as well. Still working on it.

    I firstly went through “Home Page Settings”>>”Configure blogs as a front page” in After that I found “Slider Settings”>>”Slider Category” was not there as shown in the document, even if I have choose “Slider” option for “Slider Settings”>>”Slider Post Count”.
    I am not sure if I have missed some important steps, or does this issue related to my evironment.
    I am using WordPress 4.7.5, Simplified Chinese, Flexible-Lite.

    BTW, I have already tried related steps in Still got same result.


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    Mystery Themes

    Hi @aragas

    Can you please provide us your wp-admin details via email @, we will assist to fix your slider section.


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