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Cool Customizer tool allows you to customize the theme completely with a live preview and build an awesome website quickly. Preview every design, settings, changes as you build.
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Build an extensive home page with various useful sections in it. Easily configure the sections right from the customizer tool.

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Theme is fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and other.
Retina ready

Retina Ready

Razor sharp text, vibrant colors, awesome graphics, sharp images, premium feel and beautiful icons on HiDPI (Retina) displays.

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All our themes have dozens of Theme Options to get the most out of them. You won’t need to touch a code to create a website you have always wanted.
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Our themes are clean coded and well formatted, allowing easy customization.We strictly follow WordPress Theme review guidelines and security standards.
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Color Option

Our theme have primary color option which helps you to change the color you desire and give a site a better look and feel

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We provide top-notch theme support to configure our theme. If you get any problem setting up the theme or using any features, don’t be afraid, we’ve got your back
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Plugin Compatible

This Theme support most of the popular plugin that helps you to extend the features of your site to next level and helps you to complete your site,
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Version 1.3.9 - September 15, 2022
    * Added - Block based widget design added.
    * Added - Block based tag dynamic hover color added.
    * Tweak - Theme setting page design tweaks done.

Version 1.3.8 - May 16, 2021
    * Fixed - posts and pages sidebar issue fixed.
    * Fixed - Some minor design bun fixed.
    * Fixed - breadcrumb issues.
    * Fixed - customizer sanitization issue.
    * Added - wp_body_open function below body.
    * Updated - .pot file.

Version 1.3.7 - May 30, 2020
    * Replaced - welcome page by theme settings page.
    * Fixed - escaping at top header content.
    * Updated - breadcrumbs functions.
    * Updated - .pot file.

Version 1.3.6 - April 9, 2020
    * Fixed - slider link not clickable in chrome.
    * Removed - re-defined functions.
    * Updated - .pot file.

Version 1.3.5 - Nov 13, 2019
    * Accessibility Access Update.
    * Added wp_body_open function.
    * Fixed and cleaned the codes.
    * Fixed some bugs at customizer sections.

Version 1.3.4
    * Fixed escaping.
    * Removed unused functions and code.
    * Fixes bugs and design tweak.

Version 1.3.3
    * Fixed the premium theme link in the customizer.

Version 1.3.2
    * Fixed theme color issue.
    * Fixed issue of sidebar class on the body.
    * Fixed minor CSS bug.

Version 1.3.1
    * Fixed file path while enqueueing.

Version 1.3.0
    * Fixed issue at enqueue files.

Version 1.2.9
    * Fixed some issues on the widget section.
    * Changes some files and folder location.
    * Removed unused files and comment codes.
    * Make theme compatible with WPML.

 Version 1.2.8
  * Fixed the gallery section at the post.
  * Fixed minor CSS bugs.
 Version 1.2.7
  * Fixed sanitize about dropdown and select category section.
  * Added escaping in widget fields value.
  * Fixed minor bugs on CSS.

 Version 1.2.6
  * Fixed the custom-logo function.
 Version 1.2.5
  * Added Selective Refresh in the required section at the homepage.
  * Replaced Header Image option by the Custom logo.
  * Fixed minor CSS bugs.
 Version 1.2.4
  * Added more theme tab on about theme page.
  * Fixed the body_class and wp_head functions.
 Version 1.2.3
  * Fixed the minor CSS at homepage sections.
  * Added Theme About page at the admin area.
  * Tested theme in WordPress V4.6.
  * Updated .pot file.

 Version 1.2.2
  * ScreenShot broken image fixed.

 Version 1.2.1
  * Fixed the dynamic styles using wp_add_inline_style.
  * Fixed the prefixing cases in customizer extended classes.

 Version 1.2.0
  * Fixed FrontPage sidebar bugs.
  * Changed the whole theme package.

 Version 1.1.9
  * Removed depreciated tags from style.CSS.
  * Fixed postMessage in customizer panel for Top Header and service sections.
  * Added two filter
     - 'service_posts_count' for service post per page.
     - 'service_more_text' for " Read More " text on service post.
 Version 1.1.8
  * Added extra features about slide content which support excerpt content also.
  * Fixed the customizer option label of the slider.
  * Updated .pot file.
 Version 1.1.7
  * Fixed bugs in Slider pager in mobile devices.

 Version 1.1.6
  * Fixed bugs in Slider.
 Version 1.1.5
  * Fixed bugs in about us section.
  * Added Uniform pro demo URL.
 Version 1.1.4
  * Create show/hide options in various options.
  * Updated .pot file.
 Version 1.1.3
  * Added "uniform_slider_posts" and "uniform_slider_order" apply filters for slider.
  * Used function_exists for all functions.

 Version 1.1.1
  * Scroll to top added.
  * Fixed widget bugs at the customizer section.
 Version 1.1.0
  * Comment area design edits done.
  * Search widget button design done.
  * Primary color option bugs fixed.
  * Added theme demo URL at customizer.
 Version 1.0.9
  * Fixed bugs at uniform Call To Action widget.
 Version 1.0.8
  * Fixed bugs at homepage Blog section.
  * Added two social icons at the top header section.
 Version 1.0.7
  * Updated theme pot file for the language.
 Version 1.0.6
  * Fixed escaping bug in header mail.
  * Add support URL at theme description.
  * Removed repeated tag.
 Version 1.0.5
  * Fixed CSS code for children page at the menu section.
  * Changed the theme URL and added one tag (custom-colors).
  * Fixed bugs of the sidebar at index file.
 Version 1.0.4
  * Fixed Google font while enqueueing.
  * Removed theme slug as a prefix from third-party scripts/styles.
  * Fixed font awesome enqueue bug.
  * Added font-awesome folder.
 Version 1.0.3
  * Fixed sanitize bugs in the header section.
 Version 1.0.2
 * Fixed listed bugs.
 * Added responsive code in responsive.css.
 * Changed ScreenShot image.
 Version 1.0.1
 * Fixed functionality bugs.
 * Fixed responsive codes.
 * Some changes in layout.

 Version 1.0.0 
 * Submitted theme for review in https://wordpress.org.
Theme Summary
Theme Description

Uniform is a free WordPress business theme that offers a clean, simple, and professional design for your website. Whether you want to showcase your products, services, portfolio, testimonials, or blog, Uniform has you covered. With its responsive and retina-ready layout, your website will look stunning on any device and screen size.

The theme also comes with a cool customizer tool that lets you preview every change and tweak as you build your site. Plus, you can choose from various sections, color options, and plugins to enhance your site’s functionality and appearance.

If you need any help, you can rely on the awesome support and detailed documentation provided by Mystery Themes. Download Uniform today and create a beautiful website for your business in no time!