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    In the “Shopay_Product_Filterby_Category” widget, you implemented h3-title output through slugs.

    <? php
            if (! empty ($ section_cat_slugs)) {
            <div class = "pfc-wrap">
            <? php
            echo '<ul class = "category-titles-wrap">';
                foreach ($ section_cat_slugs as $ section_cat_slug_title => $ cat_value) {
                    <li class = "cat-title" data-filter = ". product_cat - <? php echo esc_html ($ section_cat_slug_title);?>"> <h3 class = "medium-font"> <a> <? php echo esc_html ( $ section_cat_slug_title); ?> </a> </h3> </li>
            <? php
            echo '</ul> <! - .category-titles-wrap ->';

    What for? Wouldn’t it be more practical to infer category names?

    1. Thus, if the name of a product category contains two or more words, the title will be displayed through a hyphen (for example: “Bridal-Wear”). This is not aesthetically pleasing.

    2. And the second point, if the name of the slug is not written in Latin, but say in Russian, then the h3-title will display incorrect characters.

    Jane Smith

    Hello alexthewan,
    Thanks for bringing out your view here. We will work on updates testing and implementing whats better. And wil be pushing updates in upcoming version.
    It will be nice if you spare a minute rating our theme here. https://wordpress.org/support/theme/shopay/reviews/?filter=5#new-post. Thanks again 🙂

    Mysterythemes Support Team.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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