Transition To Freemius

Transition to Freemius

Hello Mystery Themes Premium Users,

During the month of May 2020, for all our old orders, sales and licenses of each Mystery Themes products, we are shifting from WooCommerce to Freemius system. It had become too difficult and complex with WooCommerce and it’s addons to handle the license and sales for our premium themes. So, in order to focus better on product development and provide better support we are moving to Freemius. We along with Freemius team have worked on this to make the transition as smooth as possible and unnoticeable on users’ side. However, few issues may arise.

So, below we have tried to answer all the related FAQs and this page will be updated each time we have new ‘frequent query’ to help users.

1. What will happen to our license key and usage?

Your license key will remain same and will work without any issue.

2. Do we need any action on our side (users)?

If you previously activated your license key, it should be automatically applied after the theme update. If you haven’t, or in case something unexpected happens, you may be prompted with a license activation screen in which you’ll need to enter your license key. You can find your license in your purchase email or your Mystery Themes account page.

3. How to access old my account page to get the order detail and API keys.

You can go to following link and access the account page with your credentials. My Account OR
You can click on download files link of your order email.Check image below:


4. I’m using the license on my client sites, how do I hide my account information?

You can do this from your Mystery Themes account page. Please head to the ‘License’ tab. Select the license of your choice by clicking on it. Then you will see a checkbox that you need to check.

5. My ‘Orders History’ and ‘Renewals & Billings’ tabs are empty. Why? Why isn’t my previous order(s) showing there?

As we have now shifted from WooCommerce to Freemius, the orders that were made during the WooCommerce period (before May, 2020) will not be shown in the account page. If you are looking for the order details, you can refer to the email sent to your email address at the time of purchase. Also, if you are looking to download invoice for those orders made before May, 2020, pease contact us via contact page and we will provide it to you. For new orders/purchases, your invoice can be downloaded right from Mystery Themes account page -> Orders History tab.

In any case, if this page still does not answer your query, feel free to use our contact page to directly in touch with us about your query.