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Theme contain 6+ widgets which is suitable for magazine layout.You can easily move the magazine widget to your desired location and give your site perfect magazine look

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Theme is fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and other.
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Retina Ready

Razor sharp text, vibrant colors, awesome graphics, sharp images, premium feel and beautiful icons on HiDPI (Retina) displays.
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All our themes have dozens of Theme Options to get the most out of them. You won’t need to touch a code to create a website you have always wanted.
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Our themes are clean coded and well formatted, allowing easy customization.We strictly follow WordPress Theme review guidelines and security standards.
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Color Option

Our theme have primary color option which helps you to change the color you desire and give a site a better look and feel

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We provide top-notch theme support to configure our theme. If you get any problem setting up the theme or using any features, don’t be afraid, we’ve got your back

Multiple category color

Magazine theme provide multiple category color option feature which enable user to add the multiple dynamic color for each category and make site colorful
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Plugin Compatible

This Theme support most of the popular plugin that helps you to extend the features of your site to next level and helps you to complete your site,
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== 1.5.0: 2023-10-30 ==
-New: Dashboard UI change.
-Imp: Customizer layout images changed.

== 1.4.9: 2022-11-06 ==
-Fix: Fix keyboard navigation issue in sub menu.
-New: Underline for anchor tag in content.
-Fix: Fix Comment labe width issue fixed.

== 1.4.8: 2022-11-06 == 
-Fix: Fix text domain in tgm file.
-Imp: Updated .pot file.

== 1.4.7: 2022-09-07 == 
-New:  Block based widget design added.
-New:  Block based tag dynamic hover color added.

== 1.4.6: 2022-03-13 ==
-New: Switch option for block based widget editor.
-Fix: Fix background issue in theme setting page.
-New: Meta icon hover color added.
 Some desing tweaks done.

== 1.4.5: 2021-05-06 == 
-Fix: Fix Related post responsive fixes done.
-New: WP Magazine Modules Lite TGM added.
-Fix: Fix - Home icon active color issue fixed.

== 1.4.4: 2020-08-30 ==
-Fix: Fix demo import json path in theme settings page.
-Fix: Fix tab navigation menu.

== 1.4.3: 2020-06-02 ==
-New: Added two more social icons.
-Imp: Changed the theme settings page with compatible demo importer plugin. 
-Imp: Updated .pot file.

== 1.4.2: 2019-12-20 == 
-Fix: Fix bugs at wp_kses_post by adding allowed attributes.
-New: Added TGM plugin activation code.
-Imp: Updated .pot file.

== 1.4.1: 2019-11-14 == 
-New: Code filters
-New: Added wp_body_open hook.

== 1.4.0 : 2019-08-13 == 
-New: Added Skip links to the content area.
-New: Added Required js for navigation and skip links.
-Fix: Fix Design at the welcome page.
-Imp: Removed Extra links from customizer panel.
-Imp: Updated  .pot file.
-Imp: Changed Screenshot image.

== 1.3.9 : 2019-04-09 ==
-Fix: Fix bxslider bugs in google chrome browser.

== 1.3.8 : 2018-12-31 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at widget area.
-Imp: Changed/Managed the path of the file inside theme folder.
-New: Added customizer control script file.
-Imp: Updated font-awesome files.
-Imp: Removed unused function and files.

== 1.3.7 : 2018-12-25==
-Fix: Fix variable prefix on comments.php

== 1.3.6: 2018-12-25 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at customizer class file.
-Fix: Fix the escaping and typo in various files.
-Imp: Used the title attribute in required places.

== 1.3.5: 2018-05-05 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at bxslider js file.

== 1.3.4 : 2018-04-17 ==
-Fix: Fix some design tweaks.
-Fix: Fix related posts section at WooCommerce single product page.

== 1.3.3: 2018-04-17==
-Fix: Fix bugs at ticker section.

== 1.3.2: 2018-01-23 ==
-Imp: Updated bxslider all files.
-Fix: Fix slider image loading bugs.

== 1.3.1: 2018-01-06 ==
-New: Added dash icons in customizer panel.

== 1.3.0: 2017-12-07 ==
-New: Added option to show hide footer widget area section.
== 1.2.9: 2017-11-19 ==
-Fix: Fix minor css bugs on archive and single pages.

== 1.2.8: 2017-10-29 ==
-Fix: Fix the premium theme link in customizer.
== 1.2.7 : 2017-09-20 ==
-Fix: Fix some escaping in WP_Query.
-Imp: Removed unused field from widget-fields.php file.

== 1.2.6: 2017-07-08 ==
-Fix: Fix var_dump issue.

== 1.2.5:2017-07-08 ==
-Fix: Fix dynamic style function.
-Fix: Fix escaping case.

== 1.2.4:2017-07-08 ==
-New: Make theme RTL ready

== 1.2.3: 2017-06-08 ==
-Fix: Fix issue at ads banner widget.
-Imp: Used Proper escaping at various widget file.
-Imp: Modified some variable using the function.
== 1.2.2 : 2017-05-19 ==
-Fix: Fix CSS bugs at post navigation.

== 1.2.1: 2017-04-25 ==
-Fix: Fix div structure at archive page.
-Fix: Fix CSS bugs at footer menu.
== 1.2.0: 2017-03-23 ==
-Fix: Fix gallery design and some CSS bugs.
-Fix: Fix and changed some function code.
-Fix: Fix search button focus.
-Imp: Updated .pot file.

== 1.1.9: 2017-02-23 ==
-New: Added style for gallery images.
-New: Added checkbox option in ads banner for relation.

== 1.1.8: 2017-01-26 ==
-New: Added option in ads banner.
-Fix: Fix minor bugs at block column widget.
== 1.1.7: 2017-01-07 ==
-Fix: Fix sub-categories post in widgets.
-New: Added about theme page in the admin section.
== 1.1.6 : 2016-11-24 ==
-Fix: Fix minor CSS bugs and managed the category description at archive pages.
-Imp: Changed the date function at top.
-Fix: Fix bugs at social icons list.
-Fix: Fix the issue of featured section long image.
-Imp: Updated .pot file.

== 1.1.5: 2016-11-18 ==
-Fix: Fix primary menu bugs at iPad.

== 1.1.4: 2016-11-08 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at news ticker at responsive design.
-Fix: Fix some typo issue.
-Fix: Fix homepage sidebar in the default layout.

== 1.1.3: 2016-10-26 ==
-Fix: Fix the minor bugs in several widgets.
-Imp: Managed some file structure.
-Fix: Fix some typo error.
-Fix: Fix bugs at top header social icons.

== 1.1.2: 2016-10-21 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at featured slider widget and homepage widget area section.
-Fix: Fix typo error.
-Fix: Fix minor css bugs.

== 1.1.1: 2016-10-17 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at news ticker and other several sections.
-Fix: Fix some typo issue.
-Fix: Fix some minor css issue at ads banner.

== 1.1.0: 2016-10-15 ==
-Fix: Fix bugs at ads banner widget.
-Imp: Changing the @package format at top of files.

== 1.0.9: 2019-10-10 ==
-Imp: Changed description for each social icon.
-Imp: Removed layouts folder and its fields.
-Fix: some styling fixes done.

== 1.0.8: 2016-10-06 ==
-Imp: Changed the template-home.php name to magazine-template.php.

== 1.0.7:2016-10-02 ==
-Imp: Removed unused files
-Fix: Fix the escaping and sanitation issue.
-Imp: Changed the meta box code according to the reviewer.
-Fix: Fix all core issues and removed unused functions.

== 1.0.6: 2016-07-28 ==
-Fix: Fix the security at custom meta box.
== 1.0.5: 2016-07-27 ==
-Fix: Fix the issue listed by the reviewer.
== 1.0.4: 2016-07-21 ==
-Fix: Fix the prefix on image size id.

== 1.0.3: 2016-07-19 ==
-Fix: Fix the theme prefix at functions/variable.
== 1.0.2: 2016-07-12 ==
-Fix: Fix some homepage section.
-New: Added some widgets.
-Imp: Design edits done
-Fix: Fix the layout of archive.
== 1.0.0 : 2015-05-12 ==
-New: Initial release.
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Free WordPress Magazine Theme 2023

Editorial is a ultimate responsive magazine style Free WordPress Theme. Suitable for online magazines, newspaper, publishing, personal blogs and any kind of sites. It is completely built on Customizer which allows you to customize most of the theme settings easily with live previews. It is the fully widgetized theme so as to let users manage the website using the easy to use widgets. It is a flexible and powerful theme, which provides a lot of customization possibilities to the users.Great customer support via email, support forum.