7 Key Steps to Update your WordPress Website for 2020

7 Key Steps to Update your WordPress Website for 2020

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7 Key Steps to Update your WordPress Website for 2020

What should you do to update your website in the new year?

With the new year approaching, it’s time to review, analyse and make some changes to your website. Redesigning and updating your website once in a while helps to increase traffic.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 steps to update your WordPress website for 2020.

Perform Maintenance

You can check the theme and plugins installed on your site to ensure it is up to date and functioning perfectly. All you have to do is make sure that the technical aspect of your site is functioning correctly and efficiently. Uninstall and repair the plugins that isn’t working and switch with new and better one. 

Update Your Blog and Keyword


Updating your content is a crucial aspect to make your website up to date. Updating blog and keyword helps your post to rank higher in search engines. You can find and replace SEO keywords that are no longer ranking. This new year, update all year old blogs or simply write a new one. You can also prepare schedule blog post as well as change published date of old post.

Collect Feedback from Your Target Audience

Collective feedback from your target audience is another effective way to refresh your WordPress website. Users feedback is information and suggestion regarding their experience with your site. It can serve you as a guide for improving user experience and traffic. Create a feedback survey form and ask your target audience to fill them. After that implement the feedback on your website to increase user engagement.

Create a Backup

Configure WordPress backup

Backup is an important key steps to update your WordPress website. Backup is the first line of defense against any security threats. Creating backup enables you to quickly recover and restore your website. Your hosting provider only backups your database. So, you have to back up all your files, images and content and store it in someplace safe.

Analyse Traffic

Analyzing traffic is an effective way to understand user behaviors and increase user engagement. You should monitor traffic that your website received in whole year and create reports. Doing so will give you a insight about what visitors likes and what they don’t like. Additionally, you can also analyze competitors traffic they received last year and create strategy.

Perform a Link Audit

Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin

Double check link is one of the best key steps to update your WordPress website for 2020. The dead that are no longer working are called broken links. You should double check your website for any broken links as it decreases both user experience and site rank. With the beginning of this year, you can check and fix broken links in WordPress.

Update Your Website 

In this new year you should make some updates to give it a new look. Your website design may be too old and out of trend. It can hurt website traffic in a bad way. Hence, make little changes to your website design to give it a fresh look for your visitors. You can also update copyright text, change privacy policy, landing pages and so on.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are the key steps to update your WordPress website for 2020. With the opportunities brought by new year, you should update your website to improve performance. I hope you liked this article.

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