Why should you use WordPress? 30 Wonderful reasons

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If you’re wondering why you should use WordPress, we have accumulated thirty good reasons.

Started as a blogging platform, WordPress is now one of the most dominant content management systems (CMS) that powers almost half of all websites, making it a very trusted and widely used platform globally.

This widespread acceptance is no accident; it is the result of WordPress’s adherence to its core principles of user-friendliness, flexibility, and a commitment to open-source development.

Therefore, we have accumulated thirty of the best reasons why WordPress is the best platform for blogging. Let’s dive into it then.

30 Reasons why you should use WordPress

Market Dominance

Statistically, WordPress dominates CMS with 64.3% of the total market share. No other platform comes even close to this.

This dominance is attributed to its ease of use, flexibility, and a vast ecosystem of themes and plugins. Furthermore, the versatility of this platform to create a website for any type of business also attracts users to utilize this wonderful platform.

Also, as per the market study done by GigaPress, 31.2% of the top 1000 websites in CMS use WordPress as their platform.

This clearly shows that this platform has pure dominance over all the CMSs present on the Internet and why should you be using WordPress for your business.

WordPress Market Share on Top 1000 sites
Image credit: GigaPress

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Built-in blogging features

WordPress is renowned for its blogging capabilities. There are various built-in features, like categories, tags, comments, and RSS feeds.

These features are integral to WordPress and are typically included in the core functionality of the platform.

They are very effective and efficient for bloggers in organizing, engaging with and distributing their contents.

Wide Adoption

WordPress is the power behind 43.2% of all websites on the internet, thanks to its array of user-friendly features. It’s a widely adopted and trusted platform, serving millions of websites globally.

There are multiple reasons why WordPress is favored by so many websites, including its active community, wide range of resources, easy-to-use interface and you can use it for any niche.

Free and Open-source

WordPress is a free platform. Meaning you don’t have to pay a single penny for installing and using both WordPress, i.e., WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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The platform is open source too, meaning you can modify the files on your site as you see fit.

Note: While the WordPress installation is free, you do need to pay for the domain names, hosting and other services, except for the features provided by the platform.

SEO Optimized

WordPress is a fully SEO-optimized platform. The interface and all the other features focus on providing a smooth experience for their users. This boosts the engagement and conversion rates of the website.

Moreover, you can customize your permalinks to make them look attractive to both your users and search engines. Beside this, there are various features like mobile responsiveness, security measures, social media integration and many more.

And the resources, like themes and plugins, help you further optimize your SEO game with WordPress.

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Easy to use with user-friendly interface

One of the most prominent features of this platform is its universal, user-friendly interface. The interface of WordPress makes it easy, even for beginners, to surf through.

The dashboard’s side panels guide beginners through the interface, simplifying the setup process and making it straightforward to implement changes to their website.

For blogging, WordPress has introduced a block-based full-site editor called Gutenberg, which simplifies the writing process and adds enjoyment. This allows bloggers to convey their stories in the most creative and appealing way.

Custom Post types

There are various forms of post types in WordPress by default. Post, Page, Attachments, Navigation Menu, and Revision are the default post types of this CMS.

You can also create your own custom post types which will be crucial for your site’s management. Let’s say you own an online store for pet foods. You can create custom post types like Dog Foods, Cat Foods, which will be helpful for properly organizing your contents.

Security Measures

WordPress is an open-source platform. Because of this, websites are always the target of wicked forces with the intention of harming you and your website.

Failing to protect your website can lead to various problems, like data breaches and search engine blacklisting.

Fortunately, WordPress is secured. It has various security measures that aim to preserve the user’s privacy and protect their important data and resources.

As per the WPScans, the vulnerabilities caused by the core software are only 2%, whereas plugins are responsible for 94% of them. And the rest of the 4% goes to theme. Therefore, it is very important to choose secure, extensible resources like plugins and themes for your website.

WordPress Security threats stats
Image Credit: WP Scan

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Growing your business and changing it as per the demand of your traffic couldn’t be easier with WordPress. It has everything you need to grow your business.

Whether you are in it for personal blogging or creating a big enterprise business website, it has everything you need to get started and grow more.

No coding is needed

You don’t need any coding knowledge to start your website. WordPress will provide you with everything you need to start your website and get your business running.

Furthermore, if you get stuck on anything, the huge community has your back in supporting you. Besides that, you can use guides or tutorial blogs for anything you need help with.

Huge Community Support

WordPress, which is used by millions of websites, has a huge community. Due to this, beginners can get help directly from the veterans or professionals of this CMS.

Having a huge community also means that WordPress will be on constant updates and fixes, curating all the needs and trends demanded by its users.

Versatile and Flexible

You can use WordPress for any business. Whether it be e-commerce, blogging, a portfolio, corporate or technical, WordPress is the right choice for you.

With a vast array of plugins and themes designed for various types of websites, you can elevate your business to the heights you’ve envisioned.


If you want to add various features like newsletter subscriptions or check the SEO of your website while optimizing it, there’s a plugin for it.

There is a huge gallery of plugins on WordPress.org that will help you add features or support that you require to run your website.

Just make sure to use plugins from verified developers, as most of the vulnerabilities on WordPress websites are caused by them.

Themes Galore

You don’t have to spend hours thinking about and making the best designs fit for your site. There are thousands of themes that can help you make the best designs that are perfect for you and your business.

Moreover, themes offer you various customization options to add more features like menus, widget sidebars, and footers. These features will help you improve your user’s experience, which can also boost your SEO game for better ranking.

Highly responsive and mobile-friendly

WordPress is made for all types of devices. One of the esteemed features of this wonderful platform is that it functions well on every device it is being used on. With no designs or content disruption issues, WordPress is easy to surf even on small layout devices.

Furthermore, the theme and plugins found on this system also need to pass the prerequisite of being responsive to support trendy and increasingly growing devices like mobile phones.

Being responsive helps your site gain favor from search engines, evidently increasing your SERP rankings.


Easy content management

Imagine that you can create content with a few mouse clicks. Organize media for efficient resource management. Also, you can manage your contents, edit them whenever needed and remove them as per your preferences. Well, with WordPress, you can do it all and more.

WordPress’s What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor allows you to easily add elements to your contents, like text, images, tables and so on. It also aids you in effectively creating compelling content preferred by both users and search engines.

Moreover, with WordPress, you can easily navigate to the backend for crucial configurations of your website with a relatively easy user interface. This will help even beginners manage their website easily and get the most out of it.

A robust ecosystem for Designers and Developers

As we have said, WordPress is open-source and free. It’s community-driven development model fosters collaboration and accessibility. You can get help from the developers worldwide using forums if you are stuck at anything during your work.

This approach also makes room for an influx of new ideas, features and security enhancements for WordPress. Thus keeping WordPress at the pinnacle of web technology.

All the while, WordPress is also a highly customizable platform, giving designers and developers much-needed freedom to work on it.

Universal Interface

WordPress features a global user interface. In other words, if you move, you won’t need to learn and adjust to a new set of interfaces. You will receive the same interface anywhere in the world, with no regional variations in features or functionalities.

Let’s say your business obtains labor from several nations. Workflow problems in your organization may arise if the interface changes based on the location. Furthermore, limiting the features and functions according to locales might also lead to issues at work. For this reason, it is essential to create a global system with the same functionality and interface.

Millions of individuals use and recognize WordPress on a global scale. An interface that is comparable can improve teamwork and time management. Additionally, this can significantly boost team productivity, which will enhance revenue for the company.


WordPress’s easy migration to different hosting providers ensures you’re never locked into a service that doesn’t meet your needs or budget. An ease in portability allows you to adapt to changing circumstances. For instance, if you outgrow your current hosting provider or find a better deal elsewhere, portability ensures a smooth transition.

As your business grows, your hosting needs may evolve. Portability ensures that your website can seamlessly move to a more suitable environment without starting from scratch.

WordPress is not tied to any hosting providers. You can also choose from a wide range of hosting providers, and migrating your site is relatively straightforward.

Multilingual Support

The world of WordPress is vast. Almost every nation in the world has utilized this wonderful platform. This is due to the exceptional multilingual facilities and support provided by WordPress to its community.

The world of the Internet is a global village where every nation has its own distinct identity, primarily its own language. Being a widely used platform, WordPress has been able to let people express themselves in their own language.

Furthermore, the support given by WordPress is available in various languages too. That is why millions of people are using this wonderful content management system.

Regular Updates

Regularly updating your system is crucial for keeping pace with the latest design and development trends and protecting your site from data breaches and malware. WordPress publishes regular updates and security patches for its users to ensure their websites remain secure and up-to-date.

By promptly applying these updates. You not only enhance your site’s performance but also bolster its defenses against potential cyber threats.Additionally, staying current with WordPress updates ensures compatibility with the latest plugins and themes, optimizing your website’s functionality and user experiences.

Supports various media and file types.

You can use common file types in WordPress. By default, it supports various types of media, including images, text, videos and audio.

Media TypesExtensions
Images .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .webp, .gif, .ico
Audio.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .m4a
Video.mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .ogv, .3gp, .3g2, .mpg
Files allowed by WordPress by default.

But with the help of plugins, you can use any combination of text, videos, and images on your WordPress website. There are no limitations.

However, there are some file types that WordPress doesn’t allow due to security concerns.

Media TypesExtensions
Images.svg, .bmp
Code Files.css, .js, .json
Video.flv, .f4l, .qt
Document.psd, .ai, .pages
Files, not allowed by WordPress by default due to security reasons.

Affordable services

WordPress is an open-source and free platform. It doesn’t charge you anything for using its services. But you have to pay for hosting, domain names and other third-party services that you add to your site.

Fortunately, services that are related to WordPress are affordable and cheap. Price ranges may vary according to your business needs. The plans are made in such a way that even startups and small business owners can use the services.

Let’s look at the price ranges of some factors or services that are used in WordPress.

ServicesPrice RangeFrequency
Domain Name$0.99 to $40Annually
Web Hosting$3 to $400Monthly
WordPress Themes$0 to $200Annually or One-time Cost
WordPress Plugins$0 to $1000Monthly, annual, or one-time cost
Website Security$50 to $1000Monthly or Annually
Website Maintenance$25 to $10,000Hourly or Monthly
Data Credit: WebFX

Trusted by Big Brands Worldwide

WordPress is trusted by many big names in various industries. These big names include the likes of PlayStation, Sony, Disney, Spotify and many more.

These brands utilize WordPress due to its flexibility, ease of use, and vast array of themes and plugins available, making it a powerful and trustworthy platform for a variety of websites.

Integration with social media and other platforms

Social media is now an integral part of any Internet user’s livelihood. According to Statista, average people spend over 143 minutes scrolling through social media. This is also why many businesses and media outlets focus on improving their social media visibility.

Social media is also helpful for users to keep connecting with businesses. These platforms help users stay up-to-date with the business and its progress.

WordPress enables easy integration of social media and related platforms for your website. This will help you enhance your website’s visibility and garner a greater number of visitors to your site.

Analytics and Insights

WordPress can be integrated with powerful analytics tools like Google Analytics or Jetpack Stats. These tools provide detailed insights into user behavior, popular content, traffic sources, and more.

Understanding and mastering these metrics is crucial for refining topics and content strategies.

Learning and Growing

WordPress is a vast community. If you are just beginning or an expert, you can always learn and grow with WordPress.

There are many resources and websites available for you to learn and grow your expertise on this platform. Furthermore, the contents are of very high quality and taught in a very understandable way.

WordPress isn’t just a platform—it’s a dynamic ecosystem that fosters continuous growth and learning. Embrace the opportunity to expand your skills, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and contribute to a global community passionate about empowering individuals and businesses through digital innovation.

Personal Branding and Career Development

For freelancers, bloggers, or professionals, WordPress serves as a platform for personal branding and career development. It allows users to personalize their branding and messaging to align with their career goals and values.

WordPress also helps in your career development. Individuals can leverage their online presence to secure freelance projects, speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, or even full-time employment.

Learn more about the WordPress learning guides and resources.

Total Control over your website

You have total control over your website. From the depths of backends to the edges of frontends, WordPress allows its users to take control of everything on the website. You can also choose your own hosting site, themes, domain names, or plugins as you see fit for your site.

Additionally, you have a choice in how your website will appear online. Whether it’s search engine optimization, marketing tactics, putting in place strong security measures, or connecting your website with a third-party tool, you, as the administrator, own and control your website and the way it is managed.

Complete ownership of your data

With WordPress, you have complete ownership and control over the data and content on your website. Unlike some other platforms that may impose usage restrictions or specific terms regarding your content, WordPress empowers you with full ownership of your data.

This means you have the freedom to manage, export, and move your content to another WordPress site or platform whenever necessary. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or content creator, having control over your data ensures flexibility and autonomy in managing your online presence.

With WordPress, your content remains yours, and you have the ability to dictate its use and distribution according to your needs and preferences.

Wrapping Up!

To sum it up, WordPress is a top contender in the website creation and management arena for many good reasons. It’s got a user-friendly interface that beginners love, yet it’s powerful enough to meet the demands of experienced developers and businesses.

With a massive selection of plugins, users can tailor their sites to their heart’s content, adding just about any feature they can think of. Plus, WordPress is great for SEO and works like a charm on any device, helping your site get noticed on search engines.

Ultimately, whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or developer, WordPress offers the tools and resources necessary to create and manage dynamic, professional, and successful websites efficiently. Its enduring popularity and widespread adoption within the digital landscape underscore its enduring value as a premier content management system.

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