Best WordPress Theme Detectors Tools tested and compared.

Best WordPress themes detectors tools tested and compared

WordPress Theme Detectors

Want to know what WordPress theme is used on the WordPress site? No wonder, there are already tons of WordPress themes on the market and still, peoples are releasing and searching for the new kind of WordPress themes.

If you ever inspired by the WordPress site with design and you want to know the details of that theme then there are lots of WordPress theme detectors where you can detect and receive the theme name, author, version, license and many more. It is the easiest way to find out the theme details rather than checking the individual source code.

In this post, we have covered the best WordPress themes detectors tools. Some of them can also detect the currently using plugins on the site.

So, let’s get started:

What WordPress theme Is That?


One of the most popular free WordPress theme detector tool – What WordPress theme is that. This is the free online tool to find out the WordPress themes or WordPress plugins that other’s websites are currently using.
This tool is very easy and simple to use just you have to do enter the link of the website that you want to know then press the search button. It will identify the name, description, version, etc. of the searched products. Isn’t this is cool? – Use it and build your own beautiful WordPress website.

Top Theme Detector Tools

WordPress Theme Detector By Multifox


The WordPress Theme Detector tool developed by Multifox is free and easy to use. This is a 100% accurate online tool that helps to detect which WordPress theme that site uses as long as the URL you entered is a WordPress website. In addition to detecting the website theme, this tool will also provide the theme URL, author, author URL, theme description, version, and tags in a matter of seconds. Just enter the site URL you want to find out and hit the detect button.

WordPress Theme Detector


WordPress theme Detector is the brilliant online tool that you can use to find the themes and plugins of others WordPress site. This tool can detect both parent themes and child themes of the site. The interesting thing about this tool is that it can display the where the themes were purchased.
The tool shows all the details including the theme’s information, author, tag, license and soon. If you want to use it, just enter the URL in the search box then it will display the full information.

WordPress Theme Detector by WPBeginner

WordPress Theme Detector- WPBeginner

WPBeginner is not only your one of the best blogging and resource website, but they also provide series of tools for you so that you can optimize your website/content easily. Theme Detector is another reliable tool that can easily determine the theme that is being used on the website.

Scan WP


Scan WP is another great WordPress theme detector that helps you detect what theme a WordPress site is using. Just enter the URL then it will provide you a theme’s name, author, version, and price.

WP theme detector by Satori

wp-theme-detector-by-satoriWP theme detector by satori is a simple tool that helps to identify which WordPress theme is site using. Moreover, this tool also use to detect whether the site is using child theme or not.

It shows the detail description of the theme, theme’s version, license information, and related tags.

Alternatives methods

There are some other methods to detect the WordPress theme of the site. However, above mention tools are the easiest and fastest way.

  • Manual Method

In this method, you need to go to the HTML source code and check the theme information.

  • Checking theme name in the footer

Not everyone but some of the site comes with the footer credits where you can see the theme details.

Wrapping up!

So, these are the list of best WordPress themes detectors tools tested and compared. Hope this might be helpful for you and make you easier to meet up your inspirational design on your site.

If you want to give any suggestions, then it will be highly appreciated.

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  1. WP Theme Detector has been my top choice for a while. The results are usually pretty good. A new site I started using is Their results are pretty solid as well and they also have a lot more info about the site.

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