Best 5 WordPress RSS Feed Plugins for your website

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

In a short period of time, WordPress has built up a wide area for blogs, themes, plugins, widgets and more. So, we are conversing on the best WordPress RSS feed plugins, which are still active technologies, but many have assumed that they are not as active as other plugins in WordPress.

In fact, RSS feed plugins are still popular with users and the WordPress developer has been working on this plugin for so many years and is still doing hard work on it. To make it more clear about WordPress RSS Feed plugins, we have a short description.

What are WordPress RSS Feed Plugins?

The full form of RSS is Really Simple Syndication; it is also referred to as Rich Site Summary or Real-time Simple Syndication. Generally, it is an XML-based content design that updates the client on the most recent news, articles, features and headlines from the majority of your sites. So, without any more confusion, let’s look at some of the best WordPress RSS Feed plugins in 2024:


feedzy rss feedsFeedzy RSS feeds might not be popular but they are lightweight and provide an easy way to collect recent posts from different websites. It uses customizable shortcodes to display anywhere you want and widgets to add aggregated RSS feeds. You can also enable automatic links for affiliate marketing. The best thing is that you can easily add aggregate multiple RSS feeds to your WordPress site by using SimplePie PHP Class. You can purchase a premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds for more features.

Active Install: 20,000+  

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Mobile responsive,
  • Shortcodes available,
  • Multiple layout integrations for your site,
  • Automatic affiliate links creation,
  • Images appear in feeds.
  • Full cache control.

WP RSS Aggregator

wp rss aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is the best plugin that works with both RSS and Atom-generated feeds on your site. It comes with advanced functionalities that embrace premium add-ons, together with feed item classes, keyword filtering, an RSS feed, a widget, and more. You can display multiple feed items on the screen by using the Aggregators shortcodes and their parameters.

Active Install: 50,000+ 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Display feed items via the shortcode.
  • Unlimited option to import RSS Feed,
  • Option to blacklist specific keywords from feeds,
  • Multilingual and translation-ready,
  • Limit the number of feed items stored,
  • Supports Atom and RSS feeds.

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer is the RSS Post Importer is a great plugin for news aggregators, content syndication, company blogs, current events bloggers, or deal bloggers, as it keeps the fresh content that your readers love you for, coming on a regular basis. You can purchase a premium version of RSS Post Importer for more features.

Active Install: 20,000+ 

Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Automated Featured images,
  • Importing feeds automatically using cron,
  • Choose to only display the titles of posts,
  • Simple template for formatting imported content,
  • Importing the full-text RSS feed content,
  • Keyword-Based Filters and Curation.

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Category-specific RSS feed subscriptions permit you to feature a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription choices on your website in addition to the normal RSS subscription option. You can additionally generate a tag-specific RSS feed menu or a tag-specific RSS feed cloud using a shortcode. You can also configure up to 8 different custom topic-specific RSS feeds.

Active Install: 9,000+ 

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Option to categorize and group feeds,
  • Shortcodes friendly,
  • Custom topic-specific RSS feeds,
  • Installation process is easy.



FeedWordPress is an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress blog publishing platform. Every piece of content that it syndicates seems like a series of special posts in your WordPress posts. You can, to boot, use FeedWordPress to make sites that gather posts from many different sources. It was absolutely designed for ease-of-use, ease-of-configuration, and adaptability.

Active Install: 50,000+ 

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Flexible and easy to use,
  • Supports Atom and RSS feeds,
  • Compatible with various WordPress version,
  • Ability to create cron jobs,
  • Ease of configuration.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the selection of RSS feed plugins highlighted in this discussion presents a compelling array of options for website owners seeking efficient ways to aggregate and display the latest content.

Through their blend of superior functionality and user-friendly design, these plugins offer a seamless solution for keeping websites dynamically updated with fresh, relevant posts.

By embracing these tools, website owners can not only streamline their content curation process but also enhance the overall user experience, fostering greater engagement and retention.

Whether aiming to inform, entertain, or inspire, these RSS feed plugins serve as invaluable assets in the digital arsenal of any website owner striving to stay ahead in the ever-evolving online landscape.

I hope it will be helpful for you and if you want some information about other plugins, then check out our:

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