6 Best WordPress Plugins for Your E-commerce Site (2024)

WordPress eCommerce plugins

Maybe you’re a blogger who wants to turn your hobby into a full-time money maker, or perhaps you craft your own handmade goods and want to take your sales beyond the local farmer’s market. So, we have curated some of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins you must have for your website.

Whatever you offer and no matter your level of experience with running a business, with WordPress and all the new technology available today, just about anyone can make money online by opening an eCommerce site.

But how do you build an eCommerce site that drives traffic, keeps customers happy, and brings in a ton of sales? There are a number of easy-to-use tools for WordPress beginners and pros alike that will help you build a successful online store.

Let’s take a look at this list of five must-have WordPress plugins for your eCommerce site.



If a user visits your website and leaves without buying anything, you may have lost them forever. But if you can convince them to become an email subscriber, you can make sure they’ll come back to your site and you can send them tempting email offers to convince them to buy.

With OptinMonster you can easily create eye-catching pop-up offers to generate leads and convert visitors into customers. Whether you want to build your email list or keep in contact with your most loyal customers, this is the perfect plugin for your eCommerce site.


  • High-converting template library (100% responsive, mobile-friendly).
  • 8 different types of option forms.
  • Powerful page-level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list.
  • Signature Exit Intent™ technology to convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers.
  • Powerful A/B testing that helps you eliminate guesswork.
  • Easy integration with over 25 different email marketing service providers

Rating: 4.4/5

Active Installations: 1+ Million

Tested up to 6.4.3


Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin- WooCommerce

Probably the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins of all time, WooCommerce is an essential tool to build your digital storefront from the ground up on WordPress. This tool offers hundreds of free and paid extensions so it’s super easy to build and enhance your customized store and start selling in minutes.

And if you’re a newbie when it comes to eCommerce, don’t worry. WooCommerce provides extensive, easy-to-follow documentation to walk you through all of the steps involved in opening an online store.


  • Seamlessly integrates commerce with content.
  • Sell anything, from physical products to digital downloads.
  • Entirely open source: modify and customize anything and everything.
  • Rest API: to manage everything from products to orders.
  • More than 400 official extensions: payments, shipping, marketing, and accounting

Rating: 4.6/5

Active Installations: 5+ million

Tested up to: 6.4.3


Best eCommerce Plugins: Monster Insights

It’s vital to know how much traffic your eCommerce site is getting, where those users are coming from and which pages they are visiting in order to keep those visitors coming back again and again. That’s why MonsterInsights is a must-have WordPress plugin for your eCommerce website.

MonsterInsights allows you to view your Google Analytics directly from your WordPress dashboard. After installing the plugin, with just the click of a button, you can now view all your most important reports inside WordPress so that you can increase your traffic with ease.


  • Quick and Easy Setup (no coding needed)
  • Real-Time Stats: See real-time stats inside your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Universal Tracking: Get better insights with Google Analytics’ universal tracking.
  • E-commerce Tracking: Add Google Analytics tracking for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores.
  • Ads Tracking: Track your Google Adsense ads with Google Analytics.

Rating: 4.5/5

Active Installations: 3+ million

Tested up to: 6.4.3

ShortPixel Image Optimizer


A fast-loading site is important to your SEO as well as the user experience, and one element of your site that can drastically slow down your page speed is the size of your images. As an e-commerce site, your website is probably very image heavy because, of course, you need images to sell your products, but you also need to optimize those images.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a plugin that, once installed, will easily compress all of your existing images and PDFs with a single click and all your new images will automatically be resized, rescaled and optimized to ensure your online store is at top speed.


  • Compress JPG, PNG, GIF (still or animated) images and PDF documents.
  • Option to automatically convert PNG to JPG if that will result in smaller images. Ideal for large images in PNG format.
  • No file size limit.
  • Option to freely convert any JPEG, PNG or GIF to WEBP for more Google love.
  • Optimize thumbnails as well as featured images.
  • ‘Bulk’ optimizes all the existing images in the Media Library or in any gallery with one click.

Rating: 4.7/5

Active Installations: 300,000+

Tested up to: 6.4.3

Easy Digital Downloads


From ebooks to PDF files to WordPress plugins – if you’re only selling digital products in your online store, Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect WordPress eCommerce plugin for you. This lightweight plugin comes with all the essential features you need to sell digital products online, including a full shopping cart, a customer account page, file access control, and full data reporting.

While WooCommerce does offer the option to sell digital products, it’s bogged down with a ton of features you won’t need if you’re not planning on selling physical items, such as shipping options. Selling digital products will be a breeze with this user-friendly plugin.


  • Choose ‘Buy Now’ or “Add to Cart’ buttons.
  • Allow customers to save their carts.
  • Support registered users or guest checkouts.
  • Track customer lifetime value and activity.
  • Create a customer account page.
  • Allow for flat rates or percentage-based discount codes.

Rating: 4.7/5

Active Installations: 50,000+

Tested up to: 6.4.3

Free Gifts for WooCommerce


The WooCommerce plugin does not offer free gift offers to online stores, therefore, if you want to use different marketing strategies for giveaway promotions, you need to install the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin.

With the help of this plugin, you can create various rules and apply methods such as BOGO, Buy x Get y, Subtotal Amount, Tiered Pricing, Tiered Quantity, etc. to offer free gift products to a customer when they add a product to their cart.

You can choose any of the WooCommerce products as a free gift to encourage customers to buy. One of the most important features of this plugin is to set conditions to the rules and customize your offers, for example, you can apply the rule only to products in a certain category or limit it only to newly registered customers. 

There are also other amazing features available in this plugin, such as reviewing reports about the applied rules or customizing how the gift list is displayed to customers on the cart page.

If you want to make a great experience for your customers and entice them to order from your online store regularly, use this awesome plugin to offer them valuable free gift products.


  • Set different methods like Simple Adjustment, Subtotal, Buy x Get x, etc.
  • Review reports & statistics about applied gifts.
  • Add free gift products to the customer cart automatically.
  • Display gifts as a dropdown list, table view, or grid on the cart page.
  • Set date and time conditions.
  • Offering specific products as gifts.
  • Set various conditions to customize the rule.
  • Create and apply unlimited rules.

Rating: 4.7/5

Active Installations: 10,000+

Tested Up: 6.4.3

Helpie Knowledge Base


The Helpie Knowledge Base plugin helps to create a customer self-help portal, so that your customers can find the answer to their most nagging questions. When you give customers the option to find answers to their questions by themselves, it reduces the time you spend on customer support. Also, customers will be satisfied when they see that you have a well-written knowledge base to answer all their questions.


  • Powerful Search: to quickly find the matching article
  • Automatic Table of Contents with in-page navigation options
  • Advanced branding and styling options to match your brand.
  • Knowledge: Elementor page builder integration for easy customization.

Rating: 4.8/5

Active Installations: 10000+

Tested Upto: 6.4.3

Get ready to sell, sell, sell. With these must-have plugins, your eCommerce site will be prepared to handle a ton of customers and start making sales the second you open your virtual doors to the public.

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