Top reasons why WordPress is the best platform for e-commerce websites!

WordPress for E-Commerce Websites

With over 65% market-share, WordPress is considered to be the best website to create any type of website. But is it good to use WordPress for e-commerce websites?

The answer is yes, but we are not saying this without any proper reason. There are many reasons to choose WordPress as your platform for an e-commerce website. WordPress is your biggest platform on the Internet because it upholds over 43% of total websites on the Internet. For context, the second CMS, Shopify, upholds the market share in single digits (6%).

As for WordPress for e-commerce websites, there are many big names. Like our comedy guy Gabriel Iglesias who uses WordPress and WooCommerce to sell his merchandise and tickets. Furthermore, besides e-commerce sites, you can find many big names that use WordPress, like Sony Music, Meta Newsroom, Disney Books and many more.

Find out 30 reasons why millions of websites, including big companies, use WordPress.

Reasons why you should prefer to use WordPress for your e-commerce websites:

Integrating themes to beautify your site.

WordPress can provide you with endless options for themes that you can select for your website. Only WordPress can provide you with so many options with themes using which you can design your website.

This is an open platform, which means you can edit your website according to your needs. You can modify your website according to your needs and business.

WordPress for e-commerce websites: Themes

Add plugins to give your site more functionality!

Themes are one of the most important resources of WordPress that you can use for your e-commerce websites. WordPress can provide you with various types of plugins for your website to make it easy to use and work with. These plugins are like helping hands that will help your website boost its performance.

There are varieties of plugins that you can use with your website for easy updates, usability, security, accessibility, and many other features associated with your website.

You can use as many plugins as you want on your website. Most of the plugins are free to use so use them efficiently.

Open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means you can easily modify it according to your requirements. According to the need for business, the code can easily be modified. This platform provides you with full control over your online business.

You can apply as many restrictions as possible and limitations to your website that you may want in order to increase its security and dependability. The company also provides you with 24/7 backend support that you may want with your website, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Easy to use and manage:

WordPress is easy to install, configure, use and manage. You do not need very vast computer knowledge or become a coding expert in order to work with this platform. With a few hours of training and a little computer knowledge, you can easily configure and manage your website according to your needs. You also don’t need to call for support of developers or hire services to manage your sites.

WordPress is easy to manage for e-commerce websites

Cost Effective

With WordPress, there isn’t any need to incur any kind of extra expense on your website. There are many companies that can provide you with extra expenses for the service that they provide. With WordPress, there is no package that you need to pay as a whole. You can select the service that you may want to take and make the payment only for that particular service. With WordPress, you only need to make the payment once for buying the domain to host your website.

SEO friendly

WordPress is a content-first platform upon which your website will be built. The first preference will be given to the content, which is a lot easier to make your website SEO-friendly. SEO is very friendly to ranking your website higher in the search results. So that the largest number of audiences can discover it. It is a fact that an SEO-friendly website can generate a large amount of traffic to your website, which is beneficial for your e-commerce business.

You can put high-quality, SEO-compatible content on your website. So that the ranking and visibility of your website may increase on the internet. This platform is a delight for bloggers, as they can post their content and articles on their blogs, and it will automatically be detected by the search engine. So, their content will automatically become easier to search for.

Easy integration

E-commerce websites are all about integration, as you need to integrate various services into your website. You have to put your products on display on the website. You have to keep the data in real time; you also have to take care of the online payments; and you also have to take care of the customers’ reviews and feedback.

When so many things are happening at the same time, you need a platform that can easily integrate all these things with each other. WordPress is a platform that can easily do all these things for you. You can set up your online business easily with this platform. There are several integration plugins also available on the internet that you can use to make your website even more efficient.

Security solutions

Many businessmen believe that WordPress is not the platform that provides you with the security that your online business needs, as it is an open platform, which is quite true. But you can enhance the security of your WordPress website by using several plugins that will increase the security of your website.

There are many powerful security plugins available on the internet that can make your online business secure. All the vulnerabilities that can happen over the internet get secured. These plugins can easily stop the cyberattacks that are very common these days in an online business.

WordPress security

Scalability and Flexibility

WordPress can be used to create any type of e-commerce website. From a small store to large enterprise site, you have all the freedom to create any type of website. One of the most distinguish feature of this CMS is that it provides full flexibility and scalability for your site. This will help you to grow your business and reach more customers without any mentionable issues.

Things you have to keep in mind before choosing WordPress for your e-commerce website.

WordPress is a great platform to start your business. You have hundreds of different options to choose from to grow your e-commerce website. But before, you will need to know about a few things that will help you uplift your website.

  • The need for domain names and hosting providers: Not only for e-commerce websites, but domain names and hosting are required for every website there is. A domain name is the unique identity of your website. Your users will be able to search for it and go to your site. Whereas hosting providers give your site a platform to run and access the Internet.
  • Choose e-commerce plugins and themes: In order to fully harness the power of WordPress for e-commerce websites, themes and plugins are a must. The plugins provide extra functionalities for your site, whereas themes will assist your site’s appearance and management. These are both very important resources that you must have if you decide to go with WordPress.
  • Integration of Payment Gateways: Payment gateways are very important for any e-commerce site. They are the major source of bringing out revenue for any online business. Integration of payment gateways can be a real hassle, if not for WordPress plugins. Plugins will assist you in integrating payment gateways so that you can ease the hassle of integrating them manually. But make sure to choose verified plugins like WooCommerce.

Wrapping Up!

So, have we convinced you yet? Now, we know that WordPress is a vast digital landscape and millions of websites utilize this platform to run their businesses. This platform stands out as a robust yet user-friendly platform tailor-made for e-commerce success.

From its intuitive interface to its endless customization options, WordPress empowers you to build an online store that reflects your brand vision. And it also drives conversions and thrives in the competitive world of online sales.

Remember, choosing the right platform is only the first of the many steps you have to take. With your praise-worthy dedication and dash of creativity, WordPress for your e-commerce website can blossom into a successful business. Just make sure to choose the right products and implement the right methods. So that you can watch your brand or store flourish under the nurturing hand of WordPress. Happy Selling!

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