Introducing Articlewave: A pragmatic approach for Blogging on WordPress

New WordPress Theme: Articlewave Blog Theme

After months of working, testing, debugging and experimenting, we are glad to introduce you to Articlewave, a proper blogging theme that is minimalistic, SEO optimized and modernized. This theme highly focuses on how to properly showcase your content while also managing the design for the website.

Now, let’s break down the features of this theme and explain why this is a different approach to blogging.

Features of Articlewave

Post Focus

Articlewave considers that a blog theme must focus on the design and representation of the post. The theme ensures that every post will be easily discoverable, engaging and visually appealing to you and your users.

Readability and Legibility

Perhaps one of the most important factors for any blogging-based website. Articlewave employs typography and proper spacing, which enhances the readability of every piece of content as well as makes it easy to consume. You will have options for fonts that are clear, well-sized, and appropriate for the type of content you wish to publish.

Content Organization and Navigation

To be honest, content organization is one of the most underestimated categories, but it is as important as readability. Furthermore, proper navigation encourages your readers to spend more time on your website. Articlewave allows you to enhance your content with high-quality content organization and proper navigation.

Social Media integration

Social media integrations are now a growing feature for every kind of website. This feature allows the user to get more in touch with the author or brand and see their insights. Furthermore, with Articlewave, you can apply multiple social media icons so that you can get in touch with your readers on every platform.

Visual Storytelling and Media Support

Nowadays, every piece of content should consist of visual elements like images and videos. Articlewave allows its users to integrate visual storytelling and media-supporting contents into their website.

Compatibility with plugins

The WordPress theme is incomplete without the plugins that flourish and elevate its features. Articlewave was developed with that function in mind. The theme is compatible and works better with the support of blogging-plugins

Engagement and Comment Functionality

Articlewave theme can be seamlessly integrated for engagement features like: comments. This helps your readers to engage in discussions about your contents.

Additional Features of Articlewave

Besides blog-related features, Articlewave has more beneficial functions, which we will be discussing right below. These features will help you optimize your website and add more additional features to it.

  • Creative Layouts for Blogging website
  • Gutenberg and Elementor Compatible
  • Built-in Live customizer
  • Multiple Layouts with Masonry Feature
  • Responsive Design and Fully SEO optimized


We believe that this theme can really assist you in writing to your heart’s content and showing it to your readers. Articlewave theme is developed with practicality in mind and greatly boost your contents’ appearance. Furthermore, our developers also kept in mind its responsiveness and search engine optimization so that you can write without worrying about SEO too much. Also note that the features mentioned in this article are from the full version of Articlewave (both free and pro). To enjoy its full features, please buy its pro version from here. Happy Writing!

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