Free vs Premium WordPress themes – Which one is the best choice?

Free WordPress themes vs premium wordpress themes

When you start to create a website, you surely think once either to use free WordPress themes or premium WordPress themes. Choosing a better option to create a beautiful website is not supposed to be an easy decision.

Generally, those who are new to the WordPress world and planning to start a WordPress blog. Follow up if you don’t know about the difference between and

First of all, let’s learn what will be the benefits of using Free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress themes.

Benefits of Using Free WordPress themes

  • It’s totally free. Yes, you heard it right. Every feature, facilities you get in free WordPress templates it’s all completely free to use. If you’re having a problem due to a severe budget then free themes will work perfectly to make a brilliant website.
  • All the free themes can be downloaded only from the official directories. After the core review process from the Theme Review Team and improved all the errors and malicious code, then the only team will live the theme in the directory.
  • You can easily install a WordPress theme and extend the functionality of the website if you are pro on coding.

Benefits of Using Premium WordPress themes

  • Paid themes come with additional exemplary features and customize option. They offer full support and can able to give a quick response with the solution to your problems.
  • Implementation of dynamic features and compatibility with the superior plugins will have more sparkle on your site.
  • Purchasing the premium themes worth for money because you don’t have to worry about the updates and security to be hacked or the malicious attack that mean you don’t need to hire the developers to fix it.


Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss which is the best option free or paid theme on the basis of Features, Updates, Customization, Documentation, Design quality and Support.

1. Features and Updates


Free WordPress Theme Premium WordPress Theme
Commonly free WordPress themes come with limited features which you can only possible to create a simple and lightweight website despite that the website loading speed will be faster. In case of updates, once the free theme is live developers won’t concern about the updates. Premium theme provided the advanced and powerful features to make your website attractive and flexible with functionality then the premium theme is the best one though it is expensive but worth to purchase. It is updated regularly.


2. Customization and Documentation

Free WordPress Theme Premium WordPress Theme
If you are familiar with the coding then you can turn the best website with free themes because the chances of getting the customization option are rare. In terms of documentation, some of the companies provide documentation. Premium themes come with the full customization where you can enhance the functionality of the website by adding the plugins. They provide comprehensive tutorials exclusive videos and images that make easier for users to understand and bring the best version with it.

3. Design Quality and Support:

Free WordPress Theme Premium WordPress Theme
Of course, the quality of design can differ between free and premium WordPress theme. The layouts and design element makes the huge difference however free theme has the limited option to choose the layouts and style for the website. Developers can provide support not much as on the premium theme. Uniqueness and the use of varieties design element can be found on the premium theme that makes you feel the best experience on your website. Similarly, get the top-notch support and available 24/7  free extensive support on this theme.

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Conclusion – Which one is the best choice?

We swiftly came to the conclusion that if you’re unsure whether to use the free or premium theme then you should pick the free one because free themes can be easily swapped to the pro themes. Test the free templates on your website if the free worked for you then it is fine otherwise you can buy the premium WordPress themes and add the advanced features on your website.

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