WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Joomla

WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Joomla – Which CMS Platform is better compared 2019?

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Content Management System(CMS) is a software application that builds and manage the digital content properly. Indeed WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have been the successful CMS platform since 2010. In this article, we are going to compare WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Joomla and discuss their pros and cons.

First of all, let’s start with the short introduction of each of the CMS platform and then we’ll be on the main point.




It is an open source software that you can allow to create the blog, websites or more. Additionally, over 58% of CMS based websites has powered by them. They provide tools to help you reach your goals successfully.

If you don’t know the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com then read here.

It comes with the powerful features that provide emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use.



It is an open source platform that helps you to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. The functionality is flexible as well as comes with the standard features such as make many of the websites and applications you use every day.



It is also an open source CMS that allows you to build powerful online applications. It is one of the popular website’s software. It is used all over the world for the different purposes like

  • Corporate websites or portals, intranets, and extranets
  • Small business websites
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications and many more.

Let’s compare the WordPress vs Drupal Vs Joomla:

Ease of Use


WordPress is well-known for its easy and quick installation method. Most WordPress hosting suppliers additionally provide one-click install of WordPress.The entire system is easy, therefore everything is smart.

WordPress Dashboard is a simple user interface with the menus to form posts, pages, or begin customizing look and themes. You’ll be quickly user-friendly with the WordPress dashboard rather than Joomla and Drupal if you give interest on it.


Drupal is wide familiar even the dashboard is also straightforward and easy. Drupal core software system focuses on creating this platform robust and secure that is why restricted options in it.

The post-installation expertise for absolute beginners could be a bit difficult. Users can realize it tough to work out the way to modification things on their website. Drupal makes it terribly obvious the way to add the content, however, dynamic look and adding non-content parts isn’t terribly obvious.


Joomla is kind of easy and the installation process is almost same as WordPress. Joomla dashboard seems a little bit complicated for the beginners. The instrument panel that allows you to manage all the modules isn’t that well ready for beginners. you want to add the modules and additionally prepare the positions. It takes your time to grasp the interface. Once you perceive its approach, it becomes straightforward.

In results, WordPress wins the title of Ease of use.

Security and Support



WordPress is the most well-liked CMS that conjointly implies that is the initial target for hackers that seek for random websites. Developers have created it certain that the code is as secure as attainable.WordPress users will feel additional safe if they extend the CMS with security plugins like Security Ninja.

WordPress contains a strong community of users. There are many ways to raise free WordPress support and acquire it.



Drupal takes a really serious approach to security. It is safer as a result of you don’t hear regarding Drupal sites being hacked as typically.

You may find all the community support choices for Drupal. They try to attach users to developers and corporations giving skilled Drupal services.



Joomla isn’t terribly totally different once it involves security. The developers are continuously engaged on new updates and fixing security problems on time.

They feature a massive and extremely useful community. For additional interactive support, users will be a part of forums, mailing lists, IRC chat rooms, etc. with the exception of community support, there are third-party resources, paid coaching, and development agencies which will be useful.

In results, three of them equally provides the full security and but in support option WordPress is best one.

Multilingual Options and Functionality


WordPress will go together with the choice to line a language of the positioning at any time, however, it doesn’t support making multilingual content out of the box. There are some superb plugins that may rework your plain website into a multilingual system that’s straightforward to use.

WordPress plugins area unit the tools for adding options and functionalities to a WordPress website. You’ll add any variety of feature as well as SEO, security, speed, marketing, eCommerce etc. exploitation WordPress plugins.


Drupal comes with intrinsic support to handle multilingual sites. You’ll be able to add website and admin interface languages from Drupal’s configuration section.

Drupal is extremely versatile and extendable modules area unit very important for adding functionalities and options too.


You just have to be compelled to choose an extra language and begin translating the content. it’s additionally potential to quickly modification the admin space languages. And you won’t need to install alternative extensions nor procure third-party services.

Joomla extensions are helpful for adding functionality and options. Although it’s no example directory, it’s a feature-rich extension directory.

In results, three of them support multilingual options as well as in functionality three of them are similarly perfect as per their features.

Wrapping Up

In our opinion, WordPress is the better CMS platform than Drupal and Joomla.

Hope this article helps you to find the best CMS for your site. For more informative article subscribe our site.


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