6 Best WordPress Website Speed and Performance Test Tools

Have you checked your loading speed of your website? It is important to load your site speed faster and rank your site higher in the search engine.

If you want your visitor to frequently visit your site then make sure to optimize and speed up your WordPress site.

In this article, we’ve covered several best Website Speed Test Tools for WordPress website:

Best WordPress Website Speed and Performance Test Tools:

PageSpeed Insights 


PageSpeed Insights is a popular tool used to test website speed performance powered by Google. It is used to test the google page speed inserting the URL of the website and shows the overall scores classified into fast, moderate or slow. It comes with the two different modules to check the page speed – mobile and desktop devices.

PSI supports both Lab data and Field data where lab data analyze the URL and debug the issues in the performance. It is a great way to optimize and improve the user experience, accessibility, and performance.




GTmetrix offers free tools to check the website speed test and helps to run your site faster. It analyzes the speed performance of the website and provides the page load time, page size and relative request. The tool uses PageSpeed Insights and YSlow to retrieve the scores.

On the other hand for more advanced analyses and data retrievers, you can upgrade the tools with the paid version. The pricing starts at $14.95 per month. It is easy to use and provides a lot of value for SEO positioning.


Pingdom Tools


Pingdom Tools is a testing tool to monitor website performance metrics. It identifies the WordPress website page load speed is fast, slow or too big. The tool comes with a well-designed interface, strong monitoring, advanced features, and excellent analytics.

Furthermore, It includes powerful and features-rich services that have the ability to analyze the website deeply and show the results properly. The pricing comes with three different plans Standard, Advanced and Professionals which costs $42.12/mo, $82.45/mo and $228.25/mo respectively.




WebPage Test is a free powerful website speed monitoring tool. It is similar to other tools to test the performance of the website and shows the results.

With WebPage test, you can also test websites from different locations as well as there are options to choose the browser. As a results this tool shows the firstbyte, start render, speed index, HTML DOM and So on.




YSlow is a web browser extension that helps to improve the load time of your website. It analyzes the web page and tests the HTTP requests, duplicate Java and CSS, reduces DOM elements and many more.

This plugin is available on different platforms such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Source Code and so on. It provides the results by following all criteria and improve the page speed effectively.


Sucuri Load Time Tester


Sucuri load time tester is another feature-rich WordPress speed optimization tool that evaluates the site and displays the site’s performance. It checks the website from multiple locations, shows the average response and performance scores.

Additionally, it measures the time to first byte(TTFB) which means the time takes to your browser after requested to the server and starting to receive the information.


How to properly use the WordPress speed test tools and get the effective results?

It is not sure that the testing tools show the exact results of your website. There must be sometimes high traffic and cause the lagging problem. Likewise, it may show you quick results depending on the internet.

So, there are certain ways to properly use the WordPress speed test tools and get effective results:

  • Test the site multiple times: Sometimes the speed of the internet affects the tests and shows the unappropriate results. So, make sure to test 3 times and get the appropriate results.
  • Test from the different locations: Check the site from the different location so that site loads fast for everyone. Otherwise, you can look into a content delivery network and find out the locations that load slowly.
  • Activate the Cache Plugin: Before testing your site make sure the cache plugin is turned on.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, these are the top speed test tools that helps to improve your site load speed faster . If you liked our article then you might like to read our other informative articles here:

6 Best LMS WordPress Plugins to Create E-learning Site

best lms WordPress plugins

Do you want to start an e-learning site in WordPress?

LMS is a software program that stands for Learning Management System. It helps you create, manage and sell online courses. These plugins listed here includes all the functionality needed to start an e-learning website.

Let’s take a quick look at 6 best LMS WordPress Plugins to create an e-learning site. 



LearnDash is a premium WordPress LMS plugin best for creating an online website. It gives you full control of your website. With LearnDash, you can create and sell courses with ease and perfection. It also offers pre-built templates that can get your website quickly running. You can carry out your online transaction through PayPal, Stripe and WooCommerce payment methods.

Key Features:

  • Ad-ons ready
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Powerful Quizzing engines
  • Built-in templates

Price: $159



Lifter LMS


Lifter LMS is an ultimate WordPress plugin that has initiative and user friendly interference. It supports payment through paypal and other main payment gateways. This plugin lets you create unlimited courses with a drag-and-drop course builder. It is compatible with eCommerce plugin and can be systemized with other marketing tools, like MailChimp, membership etc. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited customization
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Email notification
  • Flexible payment option

Price: Free



WP courseware


WP courseware is another LMS WordPress plugin for selling educational courses online, and e-learning. It comes with drag and drop that helps you create engaging courses for your students. It allows you to create courses content with multi-media like video and audio. It also offers automated notification and email sending feature.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop creation
  • Automated notification and emails
  • Customizable
  • Advanced payment option
  • Training resources
  • Content dripping option

Price: $129





Sensei is one of the best LMS WordPress plugins created by Automattic. It is best for creating online courses, quizzes and e-learning websites. It features course analytics, question bank option, customizable and so on. It also allows you to grade your students and provides course certificates.

Key Features:

  • Buddypress integrated
  • Course certificates
  • Course analytics
  • Question bank option

Price: $129





LearnPres is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to create and sell online courses on your website. It comes with a setup wizard that helps you to easily install this plugin. It allows you to showcase all your courses on a single page. It is a best choice for creating unlimited courses, quizzes, lesson and questions. You can share, manage, and analyse statistic about the course you have created.

Key Features:

  • Certificated course
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Course review
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Wishlist
  • Add-ons available

Price: Free 



Tutor LMS


Tutor LMS is the best LMS WordPress plugin in existence so far. It is suitable for mobile learning, experiential learning, social learning, offline learning and collaborative learning as well.  With Tutor LMS, you can analyse course performance, preview courses, send email notification to your users. Furthermore, it comes with fronted course builder that allows you to create courses easily.

  • Certificate
  • course prerequisites
  • Email notification
  • Course preview
  • Advanced Quizzer
  • Fronted Course builder

Price: $149



Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are the top 6 best LMS WordPress plugins to create e-learning sites. Hopefully, you find it helpful. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you want to recommend any LMS WordPress plugin? Please share in comment section below:

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5 Best Live Chat Plugins for your WordPress Site

A live chat option on your website is the best way to give your customers great service experience. A lot of customers actually expect this now, especially if they’re on their mobile devices. People usually prefer to live chat with customer support so it’s no longer an optional aspect of your website – it needs to be a part of your customer experience strategy. Here are the 5 best live chat plugins for your WordPress site:

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Customers:

Let’s check out the best collection of live chat plugins that helps customers for providing the top-notch support:

Facebook Chat for WordPress

Facebook Chat for WordPress Ninja TeamYou don’t need to worry about figuring out a separate live chat solution if that’s too much for you to handle at this point. Facebook Chat for WordPress plugin is a good option for you in that case, especially if your business is already very present on social media. With this plugin, the Facebook Chat features are integrated into your website, so users can contact you in real-time with their Facebook information.

This plugin is also great because you can customize your colors away from the classic Facebook blue if you want it to work with your website theme. You can also have different user-profiles and a Facebook Like button to help build your following. With this plugin, you get access to your chat history, you can use many different chats at once, and chat with clients on computers or mobile phones. The best part? All it takes to set up is the Facebook Page URL for your business.


Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a good option because it’s very customizable, including layouts and themes for chat boxes. You can create something that works with the rest of your brand and website. You also have great access to customer satisfaction data and analytics, and separate it by an agent.

As per Joanne Lipton, a content manager at Brit Student and Write My X, “it also has some different chat triggers, like popping the window up with an automated greeting if a visitor is on a page for a certain amount of time. This helps get the ball rolling with prospective customers.”


WordPress Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat by 3CX

This is the option for small businesses on a budget, because it’s a free plug-in with an additional feature upgrade for a one-time purchase. This option has six different chat box looks so you can choose the best one for your website. You can also have it prompt site visitors for different interactions, including automated messaging when your live chat is offline, request satisfaction surveys from customers, and much more.

The free version has unlimited chat functionality, user targeting, polls, and surveys, so it’s quite a robust option for small businesses. The upgraded version has all this plus canned responses, analytics, and real-time typing.



Olark Live Chat – WordPress plugin

Olark allows you to integrate with WordPress via a code snippet or through a plugin. It provides data reports on your chats and chats agents, and you can even assign chats to different departments. Thierry Martin, a tech writer at Australia2Write and Next Coursework, explains that “it has many of the same features as the other solutions on this list, but in addition to those it also allows you to get visitor data information, like what’s in a shopping cart, what past interactions you’ve had, what pages they’ve looked at, and their contact details. This is excellent because it provides more information to agents for faster responses and more customer satisfaction.”



LiveChat Live Chat Software and Chat Support Software

LiveChat is one of the first live chat options created, and it has a WordPress plugin for website interaction. Like some of these other options, you can have surveys after the chat and get agent ratings to improve your customer service.

You can also use the live chat window in offline hours for website visitors to submit support tickets for follow up the next day. You can have automated greetings, canned responses, file sharing, real-time typing, and transferring chats between agents.

By going the extra step and providing a live chat option, you can increase your customers’ experience on your website and set yourself apart from the competition. Customers today value their experience with a company higher than the product or pricing so this will go a long way in building brand loyalty.

To sum up, these are the best Live Chat providers for WordPress to improve your website loading speed. If you liked our article then you might like to read our other informative articles here:


About the author
Michael Dehoyos, a content marketer and editor at the PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits, helps companies improve their customer experience and user interfaces. He enjoys finding new marketing strategies for companies to try and reporting on them to their users. Michael also writes for Origin Writings.

How to Turn Your Blog into a Membership Site with WordPress

Are you considering turning the blog you’ve created into a membership website using WordPress? If so, you wouldn’t be the first. Having a members-only website comes with its own set of benefits and could be the answer to improving your lead generation, building brand loyalty, and increasing user engagement.

If you don’t already know, a membership service requires users to sign up or pay a fee in order to gain access to its content. This means it brings together loyal customers who are willing to exchange their information while building a community of members you can tailor your content to.

Why should you create a membership site?

The idea of gated content isn’t new and has been used to cater to a targeted audience and bring them services they’ll enjoy. If you have a product or service that has value and you know people would sign up to access them, you might benefit from creating a membership site.

Do you already have a loyal following in your niche? That’s the main way you’re going to be able to grow your email list unless users stumble upon your content and decide they need to sign up. Subscription services like Netflix and Hulu don’t have just one type of audience, yet still, manage to have millions of loyal subscribers.

You should create a membership site if you know you have content and services that your audience is willing to pay for. Having a paid subscription means that users get the full, uninterrupted which gives them a more streamlined and optimized UX, which will greatly improve your lead generation. If your marketing strategy isn’t solid either, it’ll be difficult to see the results you want and build your following.

What should you know before creating a membership site?

You can’t go into creating your members-only site without knowing what it entails. Just like any business or subscription service, a lot of work goes into planning and creating content, marketing and promoting it to the right audience, and finally making sales. The best way to ensure that you’re able to deliver is by researching your audience and making sure your content aligns with solving their problems and bringing them valuable content they enjoy.

Ask yourself these questions before making your membership site:

  • What are my goals?
  • Do I have the tools I need to make this successful?
  • What budget am I sticking by? Can I realistically stay within it?
  • What features must be included?
  • Can I purchase add-ons and integrations for extra features I might need?
  • Are these extra plugins I’ll need to accommodate my membership site?

Once you’ve figured that out, you can start to install and set up MemberPress.

Install and set up MemberPress

MemberPress is an easy, versatile option when it comes to choosing a membership plugin to turn your blog into a gated site. It offers multiple payments methods, allows the selling of digital and physical goods, and lets you design pricing pages that correlate with your brand image and catch users’ attention.

Turn Your Blog into a Membership Site with WordPress

First, you need to create an account with WordPress. Then, based on your goals and budget, you need to pick a WordPress subscription that aligns with them. Consider which features you can’t do without and must have so you know you’ll have them once you buy your plan.

MemberPress comes with a few different options for pricing plans so it’s easy to find the one that works for your business.

Once you choose the plan that’s right for you, go to MemberPress and download the .zip file. From your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload.

upload plugin-min

Select the file and click Install Now.

install now-min

Then click Activate Plugin and your MemberPress plugin will be activated.


You should now be able to see a MemberPress menu option in the sidebar on your dashboard.

MP menu

From the menu, click Options where you can configure the plugin’s settings to your liking.


Your plugin is now set up and ready to roll.


Turning your blog into a membership site with WordPress is easy and doesn’t require a ton of time, money, or resources. It’s important that you pick a membership plugin that’s right for you, and with MemberPress, you don’t have to worry about having to code or how difficult it may be to set up. Doing so is simple and you’ll find that the transition was even easier than you expected. How will you create your membership website?

About the authorsyed
Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins 2019

WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

In a short period of time, WordPress has built up a wide area for blogs, themes, plugins, widgets and soon. So, we are conversing on the best WordPress RSS feed plugins which still an active technology but many have assumed that it is not active as other plugins in the WordPress.

In fact, RSS Feed Plugins is still popular for the users and the WordPress developer is working on this plugins for so many years and still doing hard work on it. To make more clear about RSS Feed plugins we have a short description.

What is WordPress RSS Feed Plugins?

The full form of RSS is Really Simple Syndication, it is also referred as Rich Site Summary or Real-time Simple Syndication. Generally, it is an XML-based content design that updates the client on the most recent news, articles, features and headlines from the majority of your sites. So, without any more confusion lets lookout the best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins:-


feedzy rss feedsFeedzy RSS Feeds might not be popular but it is lightweight and provide an easy way to collect the recent posts from the different websites. It uses customizable shortcodes to display anywhere you want and widgets to add aggregated RSS feeds.The best thing is that you can easily add aggregate multiple RSS feeds to your WordPress site by using SimplePie PHP Class. You can purchase a premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds for more features.

Active Install: 20,000+  

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Mobile responsive,
  • Shortcodes available,
  • Multiple layout integrations for your site,
  • Automatic affiliate links creation,
  • Images Appear In Feeds,
  • Full Cache control.

WP RSS Aggregator

wp rss aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is the best plugins that work with both RSS and Atom-generated feeds on your site. It comes with advanced functionalities that embrace premium add-ons, together with feed item classes, keyword filtering, RSS feed, widget, and more. You can display multiple feeds items on the screen by using its Aggregators shortcodes and its parameters.

Active Install: 50,000+ 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Display feed items via the shortcode,
  • Unlimited option to import RSS Feed,
  • Option to blacklist specific keywords from feeds,
  • Multilingual and translation ready,
  • Limit the number of feed items stored,
  • Supports Atom and RSS feed.

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer is the RSS Post Importer is a great plugin for news aggregators, content syndication, company blogs, current events bloggers, or deal bloggers, as it keeps the fresh content that your readers love you for, coming on a regular basis. You can purchase a premium version of RSS Post Importer for more features.

Active Install: 20,000+ 

Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Automated Featured images,
  • Importing feeds automatically using cron,
  • Choose to only display the titles of posts,
  • Simple template for formatting imported content,
  • Importing the full-text RSS feeds content,
  • Keywords Based Filters and Curation.

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS feed subscription permits you to feature a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription choice to your website added to the normal RSS subscription option. You can additionally generate a tag specific RSS feed menu or a tag RSS feed cloud using a shortcode. You can also configure up to 8 different custom topic-specific RSS feeds.

Active Install: 9,000+ 

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Option to categorize and group feeds,
  • Shortcodes friendly,
  • Custom topic-specific RSS feeds,
  • Installation process is easy,



FeedWordPress is an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress blog publishing platform. Every content that it syndicates seem as a series of special posts in your WordPress posts info.You can to boot use FeedWordPress to make mortal sites that gather posts from many different sources. It absolutely was designed for ease-of-use, ease-of-configuration, and adaptability.

Active Install: 50,000+ 

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Key Features:-

  • Flexible and easy to use,
  • Supports Atom and RSS feed,
  • Compatible with various WordPress version,
  • Ability to create cron jobs,
  • Ease of configuration.

Wrapping Up

All of these RSS feed plugins are the best one and easy to use. You can collect the latest posts for your websites. Hope it will be helpful for you and if you want some information about other plugins then Check:-



9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins (Optimize Your Ranking Position Higher)

WordPress SEO Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your ranking position higher in the search engine?

Well, SEO plugins play a vital role to improve your ranking and increase traffic level to your site.

If you’re worried because of the low ranking problem on your site then used these powerful WordPress SEO plugins and see the difference after using it.

Here we have listed the best WordPress SEO plugins that help to optimize your site ranking higher. Let’s check out:

WordPress SEO by Yoast


Yoast SEO is the most popular, SEO friendly and most downloaded WordPress plugins. Over 40 million has downloaded the plugins and the feedback regarding the features is excellent. The rating is 4.9/5 which is outstanding. It is available in both free and premium version.

If you’re beginners then go with free one but it has limited features only. But the Yoast SEO premium version provided the wide features such as keyword optimization, duplicate content checker, and updated for recent Google’s algorithm regularly. The advanced XML sitemaps features submitted your sitemap to Google and  Bing and improve SEO on your site. You can follow the Yoast SEO tutorials as well as how to install Yoast SEO plugin process for more information. See the Yoast SEO review for the genuine feedback from the users.

Key Features:

  • Analyze the readability
  • Optimize  the keywords
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Social Integration
  • Full control over breadcrumbs
  • Multi-site compatibility
  • RSS feed footer plugins settings

Rating: 4.9/5

Active installations: 5+ million

Tested up to: 4.9.7


All in One SEO Pack


All in One SEO Pack is the second best WordPress SEO plugin for blogger and to optimize your WordPress site SEO friendly. It is similar to Yoast SEO plugins. The Plugin comes with Support for Google Analytics, Google AMP, XML Sitemap that submitted to Google and Bing to improve your image SEO. The plugins built-in API so that it can access and extend the functionality.

It is very user-friendly for beginners, it works out of the box which means you don’t have to look at the options. It optimizes your titles for search engine automatically. However, the All in One SEO Pack Pro version is more powerful on the basis of search engine for your site.

Key Features:

  • XML Sitemap Support
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Redirect attachment pages to the parent post
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Translated into 57 languages
  • Compatibility with many other plugins

Rating: 4.5/5

Active installations: 3+ million

Tested up to: 4.8.2




SEOPressor connect is a premium WordPress SEO plugin which comes out with a significant number of algorithmic updates including Google panda, RankBrain and soon. It covers every possible aspect of SEO which gives you instant feedback and optimization suggestions to improve your On-Page SEO signals.

With SEOPressor, the interface is easy to use, simple and intuitive that always maintained, updated and shaking many functional areas of SEO plugin developments.

Key Features:

  • Automatic smart linking
  • Dynamic crawler control
  • Keyword SEO Score Checker
  • LSI keywords suggestions
  • Rich snippets to highlight search results
  • Supports on-page analysis

Rating: 4.5/5

Active installations: 1+ million

Tested up to: 4.8.2


SEO Ultimate


SEO Ultimate is a full-featured plugin that lets you edit your metadata, create internal links and automatically create open graph data. In addition, it comes with a long list of deep linking functions that the draft link activates when published automatically.

The Premium version of SEO Ultimate offers the new features including detailed videos tutorials and custom revision which is not available in free version. It easily adds rich snippet code that attracts eye-catching supplementary SERP data for the search engine.

Key Features:

  • Deeplink Juggernaut
  • Link Mask Generator
  • 404 Monitor
  • Permalink Tweaker
  • Canonicalizer
  • Meta Description Editor
  • Meta Robot Tags Editor
  • Rich Snippet Creator

Rating: 4/5

Active installations: 100+ thousands

Tested up to: 4.6.7


Premium SEO Pack


Premium SEO Pack is a Premium WordPress SEO plugin that consumes less time for bulk optimization of your WordPress pages and posts. The interest and noticeable features are that it can help you compress CSS and JS to help you optimize to speed up WordPress sites and other sites.

The plugin comes with sets of tools that enhance the appearance of postings to social media accounts. In addition, it provided the XML sitemap and helps you to monitor and redirect all the 404 pages. You can download the Premium SEO Pack nulled version for the more unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.

Key Features:

  • Automatic XML Sitemap
  • 404 Error Page Monitor
  • Backlink Builder
  • Mass Optimization at Once
  • 301 Redirects to Other Pages
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Optimize your Website Images

Rating: 4.5/5

Active installations: 10+ thousands

Tested up to: 4.9.7


W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache is the best plugin that really helps to improve your website loading speed by minifying large HTML, CSS, and Javascript files. It increases the website performance, as well as the feature like content delivery network (CDN) integration, reduces the download time.

The plugin improves the conversion rates and “site performance” which especially makes the good change in the search engine page ranking. However, the W3 Total Cache settings options are much more advanced to configure for your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Extended Site Caching
  • Progressive Rendering
  • Bandwidth Reduction
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support
  • Caching statistics for performance insights
  • Built-in browser caching controls.

Rating: 4.9/5

Active installations: 1+ million

Tested up to: 4.9.7


Broken link checker broken-link-checker

Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to find broken links and missing images in your WordPress site. It especially monitors broken links in your pages, comments, and the blog and informed you if found. The broken link directly impact your site’s SEO so to reduced the chances of the broken link, you can use google broken link checker which is free from Google. You can manage redirects the broken links and prevent prospects and customers from losing interest or losing track of you.

Key Features:

  • Highly configurable
  • Monitor links in the posts or blogs
  • Notifies you either Dashboard or E-mail
  • Filter links by URL, anchor text
  • Detects links that don’t work

Rating: 4.5/5

Active installations: 60+ thousands

Tested up to: 4.8.7


The SEO Framework

  The-SEO-Framework The SEO Framework is easy SEO for beginners that provides an automated, accessible, unbranded and extremely fast SEO solution for any WordPress website. It helps to see the SEO title length to edit before you publish.

The plugins come with SEO solutions for WordPress that suggest creating strong content for your blog post. Even it will suggest keeping the description of 140 – 160 characters. It improves search presence by ranking your website distinctively.

Key Features:

  • Supports custom post such as bbPress and WooCommerce
  • Create a canonical URL
  • Adjust SEO using the global option
  • Prevents 404 pages and empty classifications
  • XML Sitemap Support

Rating: 4.9/5

Active installations: 30+thousands

Tested up to: 4.8.2


SEO Squirrely


SEO squirrly plugins suggest the better content that helps to improve the ranking of your website. It gives the keywords suggestion for the content, URLs, and title in which the title must be from 75 – 165 characters for the description.

With Squirrly SEO, the Duplicate Remover tools make this plugin 100% safe to use. It displays the green light when you implement an item correctly.

Key Features:

  • Provides copyright-Free Images
  • JSON-LD structure and the Squirrly Snippet
  • Keyword Headline Suggestions
  • XML Sitemap Support
  • No Automatic Overwrite
  • Weekly Monitoring

Rating: 4.7

Active installations: 30+ thousands

Tested up to: 4.8.2

Hope this article may helpful to rank higher in search engine. If you have any others powerful WordPress SEO plugins then share in our comment box so that our readers may get more ideas from you.

If you want to read more related articles then check out:

5 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins – How to compress WordPress Images?

Images are one of the major reasons behind every successful website. The use of high-resolution images not only enhance the range of visitors but also make the website more attractive and professional. In this article, we will discuss how to compress WordPress Images and Best WordPress Image Optimization plugins that helps to load the images faster on your website.

How to compress WordPress Images?

Image Compression is a process of reducing the size of an image file that consumes less space than the original file and without affecting or degrading its quality to a greater extent.

While you upload the image on your website, it consumes the more space which directly impacts on loading the site slowly. To solve this problem image compression is the best solution. There are two methods to compress the image: Lossless and Lossy.

With lossless compression, every original data information is restored in the file after the uncompressed whereas, With lossy compression, some data from the original image file is lost after compressed.

WordPress Developer has built the easy tools to compress the images and that is the image optimization plugins. Let’s check out the best WordPress image optimization plugins.

Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Here is the list of best WordPress image optimization plugins that provides the great compression tools. Let’s have a look:

EWWW Image Optimizer


EWWW Image Optimizer is better WordPress Image Optimization plugins that compressing and resizing the images to speed up your website. It is easy to set up and can automatically optimize the images you upload on your blog or website. It converts your images to the best file format as well as you can choose pixel perfect compression or high compression options that are visually lossless. The plugin’s main aim is to increase the page speed which can help to upgrade the position in the search engine and will also improve conversion rates.


  • Supports Lossy and Lossless Optimization
  • Adaptive Steering with intelligent conversion options
  • Resize images on the fly
  • WPML Compatible
  • Bulk optimization


WP Smush


WP Smush is the most popular image compression plugin for WordPress. It is fully loaded with powerful functionality that can boost your site pages score in a search engine while maintaining your image quality. It is easy to use and will optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques. The premium version of WP Smush is also available called “WP Smush Pro” that backups all smushed images and can smush the lot in one click.

  • Optimize any image in any directory
  • Global and individual settings for Multisite
  • Auto-Smush your attachments on upload
  • Bulk optimization
  • Advanced lossless compression techniques


ShortPixel Image Optimizer


ShortPixel is a great option for WordPress image compression plugin. It helps to increase your website’s SEO ranking by optimizing the images that consume less space. They offer the lossy and lossless image compression plus glossy JPEG compression which is a very high-quality lossy optimization algorithm. It automatically saves all backup images you upload.

  • One-click Backup and Restore
  • Supports JPG, PNG, GIF & PDF
  • One API Key for multiple sites
  • Automatic and Bulk Optimization
  • Lossless, Glossy and Lossy Optimization


Imagify Image Optimizer


Imagify is the most advanced WordPress Image Optimization plugins or tools that speed up your website with lighter images without losing quality. Bulk optimization features optimize all your existing images in one click. It enables all images including thumbnails and retina images from WP Retina x2 will be automatically optimized on the fly. They offer 3 different level of compression – Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra.


  • Supports JPG, PNG & GIF.
  • Resize images on the fly.
  • Resize based on percentage.
  • Support for PrestaShop, Magento and soon
  • Supports Lossy and Lossless Optimization


TinyPNG Compress JPEG & PNG Images


TinyPNG is another Image Optimization plugin that uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. This plugin automatically optimizes all your images by integrating with the popular image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG.


  • Automatically optimize new images on upload
  • Easy bulk optimization
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Supports JPEG & PNG files only
  • Single API can be used for multiple sites


Wrapping Up

Hence, these are the collection of best WordPress image optimization plugins. Hope this article may help you to choose the right plugins for image optimization.

There are others WordPress plugins which you interested to visit let’s check out:-

Tips to Optimize and Speed Up WordPress Sites

Optimize And Speed Up WordPress Sites

WordPress may be a nice platform for introducing your website through completely different technical ways. Generally, your websites have gotten slow, by installing several low-quality plugins and far additional.

Website performance plays a significant role in achieving success. Somehow your website is slow, then it’ll impact your guests Furthermore because of the rankings in search engines. If you actually need to up websites ranks as quick as potential, then you’ll get to follow the information and techniques listed below.

If you follow the below tips, undoubtedly you’ll be able to Speed Up your WordPress sites:

Prefer A Right Web Host

Having a Right Web Host is the main key to optimizing your WordPress website higher. It’ll build your website additional reliable, responsive, and effective instead of having a foul internet host.

There are thousands of internet hosting corporations, however, opt for that one which can give you improved server dependability. you would like an internet host is working on a robust server and stable network connections. 99.5% and on top of is that the counseled period of time score; something below ninety-nine is unacceptable. scan some real reviews of the host you were aiming to go together with, before really going with them and advocate to envision the interval of your own website against similar websites.

To ensure that your hosting company supports your business desires and does not produce unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success.So, Optimizing your website properly is to settle on the correct hosting setup.

Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

As a well maintained open supply project, WordPress is updated oftentimes. every update won’t solely provide new options however additionally fix security problems and bugs. Your WordPress theme and plugins might have regular updates, too.

As an internet site owner, it’s your responsibility to stay your WordPress website, theme, and plugins updated to the most recent versions. Not doing, therefore, might build your website slow and unreliable, and cause you to prone to security threats.

For a lot of details on the importance of updates, see our article on why you must forever use the most recent WordPress version.

Install a Cache Plugins

There are literally tons of plugins available for WordPress.That doesn’t mean all of them are good. WordPress needs to run a method to search out the desired info, place it all at once, then show it to your user.

This method involves lots of steps, and it will extremely hamper your website once you have multiple folks visiting your site quickly.

That’s why we tend to suggest each WordPress website use a caching plugin. Caching will build your WordPress website anyplace from 2x to 5x quicker.

Here’s however it works: rather than browsing the total page generation method anytime, your caching plugin makes a duplicate of the page once the primary load, then serves that cached version to each subsequent user.

Try A Content Delivery Networks(CDN)

A CDN may be a network created from servers all around the world. All of your favorite massive blogs area unit creating use of this, and if you’re into online selling exploitation WordPress, you won’t be stunned to hear that a number of your favorite blogs like Copyblogger are creating use of CDN’s.

Using a CDN, or content delivery network takes all of your static files you’ve got on your website (CSS, Javascript, and pictures etc) and lets guests transfer them as quick as attainable by serving the files on servers as near them as attainable.

When you use a CDN, on every occasion a user visits your website they’re served those static files from whichever server is nearest to them. Your own net hosting server will be quicker since the CDN is doing lots of the work.

Advance Your Images for the Web

Images will facilitate cut long items of text and might facilitate your articles be shared additional often on social media services but they additionally take up lots of storage. Therefore, pages that contain several pictures will take a protracted time to load.

It is so in your best interests to optimize your pictures for the net before you transfer them to your website. Most photograph written material applications, like Photoshop, enable you to try to do this via the “Save for Web” possibility.

A good plugin to optimize pictures that have already been uploaded is WP Smush.it. It utilizes the Smush.it API to optimize JPEG pictures, strip meta-knowledge from JPEGs and convert GIF pictures to PNG. you must but remember that the plugin uses up lots of resources once it’s changing pictures, so your website is also slow while it’s running.

If you are doing not need to sacrifice image quality, consider Lazy Load. The plugin ensures that pictures are solely loaded once the realm becomes visible to the user. this can greatly cut back page loading times.

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip Compression permits a site page to be exchanged to a program at up to 70% of its unique size. The program will then decompress the page and show it to the client.

Gzip can be empowered by means of the WordPress choices page. You would find be able to this page at www.yourwebsite.com/wp-administrator/options.php or the best option is to enable Gzip compression straight from cPanel (if your host offers you that) if you’re on a shared server. Otherwise, you can enable Gzip compression using a plugin like W3 Total Cache. To empower Gzip, just change the estimation of the Gzip field from 0 to 1.

Optimize Your Database

You can optimize your WordPress MySQL database straightforwardly from PHPMyAdmin, or by utilizing a plugin like WP-Optimize or WP-DBManager.

These modules are equipped for erasing all your pending spam remarks, destroyed posts, auto-spared drafts, present modifications on the name a couple. They can likewise perform general MySQL database enhancement questions without you accessing PHPMyAdmin.

An all-around enhanced, the quick reacting database is a gigantic reward for database-driven programming like WordPress.

Use A Responsive Design

You would use be able to a responsive topic to stack fewer assets (for instance, pictures) for cell phones or indicate high-determination pictures for high-determination screens. That way, versatile clients won’t see substantial pictures, and desktop clients won’t see little, very packed pictures.

You can determine what to stack for what sort of clients, in light of their screen width. There are loads of other critical points of interest in utilizing a responsive plan.

Also, responsive locales are favored by Google, so you can expect a slight lift in SEO once you change to a responsive outline. Destinations that utilization responsive website architecture, i.e. locales that serve all gadgets on a similar arrangement of URLs, with every URL serving a similar HTML to all gadgets and utilizing.

Destinations that utilization responsive website architecture, i.e. locales that serve all gadgets on a similar arrangement of URLs, with every URL serving a similar HTML to all gadgets and utilizing the only CSS to change how the page is rendered on the gadget. This is Google’s prescribed arrangement.

Best WordPress Themes For Selling Digital Products

Selling Digital products has been made possible with WordPress. EDD(Easy Digital Downloads), as well as WooCommerce, are the plugins which you can use for selling digital products online. EDD allows you to sell downloads and accept payments via a number of payment processors.

If you wish to offer digital downloads via your website using WordPress, then EDD this plugin will make the process extremely easy for you and it is highly customizable and has several important features like payment processing, adjustable product details, and payment options.

So, here is the list of some Best WordPress Themes For Selling Digital Products. Hope you will able to find the right one WordPress theme to sell your digital products.




EDigital is one of the best WordPress themes for selling digital products. It is a Multipurpose theme mainly designed for Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. You can even turn your website into an online marketplace, listing and selling images from multiple vendors.


  • EDD compatible
  • Responsive design
  • Quality code
  • Skin color options
  • Build-in customizer
  • Awesome support




SquareCode is a premium WordPress theme for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to easily create your own digital downloads store, or even a full marketplace for selling digital products. It is built with rock-solid codes and enables you to add and remove plugins. It comes with a beautiful design which is completely flexible and easy to customize.


  • Build-in customizer
  • SEO compatibility
  • Custom layouts
  • Plugin support
  • Responsive design
More Info Demo




Marketify is a fully-responsive WordPress template for selling digital products. It is built by using Easy Digital Downloads add-on for full marketplace functionality. With a widgetized home page, this theme is ready to help you sell photos, fonts, audio files, video and more. For the starters, the theme is completely responsive with the help of the Twitter Bootstrap 3 technology.


  • Fully responsive
  • Fast and Easy setup
  • Highly customizable
  • Retina ready
  • WooCommerce integration
More Info Demo




Stocky is a best WordPress theme for digital downloads, that has been created for anyone who wants to offer photographs and other digital image files to their visitors for download. This modern theme comes with a free Easy Digital Downloads plugin that you can use in running a stand-alone eCommerce site.


  • Fully responsive
  • Retina/Hi-Def display ready
  • Quality code
  • SEO friendly
  • WP live customizer


Book Store


Book Store is a clean and professional WordPress theme for digital downloads, bookstores, libraries, book shops, ebooks, software apps. The theme design is modern and is great for selling digital products.


  • Fully responsive
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Google fonts and multiple layouts
  • Unlimited colors
  • Multilingual Support using WPML
More Info Demo



Pyxis is an elegant and best free WordPress themes for selling digital products designed to work with “Easy Digital Downloads” WordPress plugins. It allows for sales of video, audio, photos, fonts and other digital items. It has been built to integrate seamlessly with the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress.


  • Unlimited Colors
  • Google Fonts
  • Custom widget
  • Build-in customizer
  • Responsive design
More Info Demo




Spaces is a clean and modern WordPress theme for digital download products to sell. It features a classic minimal appeal & fully-featured portfolio, Easy Digital Downloads integration & WooCommerce shop to follow. It has been built to integrate seamlessly with the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress.


  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Google fonts and unlimited color
  • Highly customizable
  • Custom widget


Final Word

Selling your own digital product is one of the best ways to make a good amount of money. There are a number of ventures who are making millions by creating and selling web designs and other digital product.

All you need to do is to focus on creating your product and start selling it by setting up your own store with Easy Digital Download which takes just a couple of minutes

Best Popular Free WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress plugins

Every year WordPress developers release many new best WordPress plugins which allow users to add the different type of features to the WordPress websites. In this article, I am going to list Most popular Free WordPress Plugins of the year.
It’s not easy to decide which plugin is best, because different plugins offers different features. It depends on your needs, you can decide which plugins suites your need best.

List Of Most Popular Free WordPress Plugins



Akismet is one of the first free most popular WordPress plugin. It is one of the best anti-spam plugins out there and a default-plugins which deserves the top-spot on this list. It helps stave off comment spam and even has the ability to delete all the junk comments on it’s own so you never have to even see those digital vermin.



WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.It prvoides revolutionized ecommerce for WordPress.It took the more difficult aspects of creating and running an online store with WP and made it about as easy as humanly possible.
With endless flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores — more than any other platform.

Contact Form 7


It is a very simple, free and handy plugin for creating different types of contact forms and give them names. Adding of boxes can be done as required. No need of special CSS coding.

Having a contact form or contact page is a ranking signal coz a site without contact page is not a good idea. This free WordPress plugin makes it extremely easy to integrate a contact form into a blog.



Jetpack is a free plugin that simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving user a visitor stats, security services, speeding up images and help them to get more traffic.

User don’t need to install dozens of other plugins to add different features to website. Jetpack’s stats modules lets us to see how many people visit website, which blog post is most popular post, what people are searching for and a lot more.
It contains subscribers widget as well. Related post module lets user to display other related posts from the blog at the bottom of user’s blog post.
Jetpack also protects user’s website against brute force attacks and unauthorized logins. It also monitor user’s website for downtime and keep user’s plugins updated.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

yoast seo

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to easily optimize their website for search engines.
There are a bunch of SEO plugins out there, but this is definitely one of the best alternatives. It helps user to write better content and it consists a fully optimized WordPress site .

Google XML Sitemaps


Google XML Sitemaps is a free WordPress plugin to generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com to better index user’s blog. It make easy for the crawlers to see the complete structure of user’s site and retrieve it more efficiently.

Wordfence Security

wordfence security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with Geo-location and more.
A house might have deadbolt, but that won’t keep a thief from breaking in. Similarly, a WordPress site may be locked behind a slew of passwords, but that’s not the best form of security.
To add security measures to site, Wordfence Security plugin is used which allows features like blocking malicious networks, scanning for vulnerabilities, monitoring various metrics that could make a site more open to attack and much more.

WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a free WordPress Plugin that produces static HTML files for fast caching engine in WordPress.
For a fast and reliable website, Caching is done in WordPress. This WP Super Cache is more popular than others is because of it being easy to use and setup. Just install, activate, check a few boxes to configure the plugins and we are pretty much good to go!

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin


UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is a free plugin to backup and restoration of flies easily. It performs complete backups; manual or scheduled(backup to S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others) and restore with a single click.

Regenerate Thumbnails


Regenerate Thumbnails is a free WordPress Plugins that allows users to regenerate users thumbnails after changing the thumbnail sizes. This is very handy if we( users) have changed any of ours thumbnail dimensions (via Settings-> Media) after previously uploading images or have changed to a theme with different featured post image dimensions.